Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bike riding, Swimming, Balance and Holidays - what a combo!!!

Even though I have not been working as many hours, my days have been filled with lots of fun activities. 

Tucker is learning to ride his bike without his training wheels - we head to the park with his helmet and bike either in the mornings or the afternoons. He is doing really well - I think it is just a matter of building his confidence now. He is quite excited because once he masters it we are heading to the bike shop to buy a new bigger bike. He has requested blue!!!

The weather here in Karratha has really warmed up now - most days hitting the high 30's even into the 40's. We do not have a pool at home but have had many trips lately to the public swimming pool. I really notice a change in his skills when something is repeated every single day. This is really obvious with the swimming - taking feet off the bottom and kicking along - he wears a vest similar to the one pictured above. 

Balance - often an area that I do not do so well at - and no not the sort of balance where you need to stand on one leg (not that I am so great at that either), but the balance of balancing everything in your day so that by the time the end of the day comes around you feel relaxed and at ease with everything you have done . Yesterday was one of those days for me. It was around 8.30 last night when I was relaxing on the couch when my mind felt quite relaxed and I realised that I had given time to Tucker, Mike, my extended family, my dogs, the house, my clients at the gym, and most importantly to ME!!! I am going to try and repeat more of these days because when you get it right it feels good. 

On Monday Mike Tucker and I (unfortunately the four legged friends are staying home with a house sitter), we will start our 1600 km drive to Perth. On Wednesday we will fly to Tasmania. This is where I as born and lived until 2001, and where my parents still live. The timing is fantastic - my mum has been really sick and just been discharged after a 10 night stay in hospital. She has been diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease. She will now be on a constant supply of oxygen, and a range of medication to help fight off infections. It has been a real shock, but as the days pass I seem to be adjusting to the thought of my mums illness. 

I will be able to be a huge support to her and my Dad while we are there as well as taking some time to travel around the state and show Tucker some of our favourite places. 

I have still managed to get some good training sessions in - I have been training with a training partner. I have not trained with someone else for ages but I have really enjoyed the change. 

Until next time. xxx