Monday, July 27, 2009

Another great day!

Have had a great day again today. Tucker goes to occasional care on a Monday morning and it is right near the gym so I made sure i was organised and headed straight there after dropping him off. 

I rode the bike at level 3 ( seems so low but better than in bed in pain!) for 20 minutes and then walked for 20 minutes at 5.6 km/h (a little different to my normal 7.0 km/h) again for 20 minutes. I have not even needed an afternoon sleep today, but am about to go to bed soon as have just about hit the wall for today.

This afternoon Tucker and I were sitting together on the couch and little junior was been quite violent with his kicks. I took Tuckers hand and placed it on my belly and put my hand over the top. Junior kicked again - Tucker turned around and looked up to me with the most amazing expression on his face - that I will never forget and was so excited that junior had kicked him!

The things kids come out with. The other priceless moment was when we were about to wash his hair ( which he hates) in the bath tonight and he piped up with ........... "if i let you wash my hair you can give me a treat" - I DON'T THINK SO! But worth a try I suppose. 


Sunday, July 26, 2009

An expanded update....

1. Mike Tucker and I all flew over to Brisbane for the July school holidays. It did cross my mind many times to cancel the trip with all the pregnancy challenges I have been facing, however decided we would go and deal with the effects while we were there. Although the flight over was a little uncomfortable, we made it safely and it was all positive from there. I had a few nasty episodes of the pain but nothing drugs and laying down could not fix. 

We saw my mum and dad (one of the main reasons why we went - my mum relies on oxygen 24 hours a day and will not be able to fly to see the new baby), Mikes mum, my two brothers, my two sisters in law and a dear family friend Carole. 

We had lots of quality family time together and enjoyed every minute of our time together. Most mornings were sleep in's and then headed out from our hotel / apartment by around 10 or 11 o'clock. 

I would have loved to catch up with the Queensland crew but it was a holiday were I did not want to be tied down to time and where we just needed family time together.

We took Tucker to Australia Zoo - he loved it all, Science works, a Ferry ride on the river, a drive down to the Gold Coast for a walk on the beach, shopping and lots of relaxing!

2. Since I have come home from holidays the pain in my hips and pelvis has almost reduced to zilch! YAY!!! It is so much easier to be mobile. I was really struggling with the isolation of been at home all the time on my own, but now am feeling so alive now that I can easily get out and about. I have had the odd twang of pain and there are still things I find hard to do but am 95% better than what I was. 

3. With the reduction in pain, I returned to the gym last week. I am doing some very gentle cycling and walking on the treadmill. Initially I was very nervous and wondered if the nasty pain may return but so far so good. I am not there to break any records ( considering I only have 7 weeks to go) but I am been active and that's what is most important. On my gym days I generally need a sleep in the afternoon but that is a  good side effect of what I am doing

4. I LOVE the new car - it is so easy to drive and park, and I do not need to climb in and out of it like I had to do with the 4WD. Fuel economy is amazing - one because it is smaller than the 4WD but also because it is a hybrid.

5. Good friends of ours, and Tuckers best friend at Kindy are leaving town to move to Broome in the next couple of weeks. Tucker, Mike and I are going to miss them a lot. Lucky it is only 800 km up the road so we will easily be able to visit. 

6. I am now down to 7 weeks and 1 day until I have little Junior. The last part of the pregnancy seems to have gone very quickly. Junior is a very active boy, but love the feeling of all the kicks and punches. Tucker is so excited. I am going to make him a calendar so he can mark the days off until his little brother is here. He is helping me get things ready........ and loving it. 

Wow - glad I got all that down. Hopefully not too much reading for you....... lol. xxx

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quick update......

  1. Went to Queensland for school holidays and had a very relaxing time
  2. Almost all the pain in my hips and pelvis has gone
  3. I have returned to the gym for very gentle exercise
  4. The new car is fantastic and very easy to drive
  5. We are really sad about our good friends moving to Broome
  6. I only have 7 weeks and 3 days and my little man will be here

It is my aim to expand on all these points over the weekend but thought I should let you all know I am okay and had not forgotten about blogging. xxx

Friday, July 3, 2009

Our new car!

This is my new car. It is on it's way home with Mike. It's a Lexus GS450h (hybrid). Silver exterior with black leather interior. I can't wait to see it tomorrow night! 

Nearly count down time.....

Well I am nearly down to single figure weeks to count. On Tuesday the 7th July it will be exactly 10 weeks until I have my beautiful baby! 

Things are really not going to plan. I have spent another day in hospital this week. I had gastro and could not keep even water in. So in to hospital, struggle to find a vein because I was so dehydrated and then finally it is in and they hooked me up to a drip. Once again a bit like the pelvic pain I have, little Junior is doing just fine and not at all concerned or showing any signs of distress from all the vomiting and diarrhoea. I am home again now, struggling with extreme fatigue (associated with the fact that I am finding it really hard to eat), and trying to resume a normal life! If laying on the couch and sleeping in bed which I have had to be doing for the last few weeks is normal!!!!!

Mike is been amazing - working really long hours in a busy job and then having to come home and pick up all the loose ends that I can not do right now. We are so fortunate to have so many great friends around us who are doing so much to help right now. 

Tucker is showing some signs of a bit of a struggle with mum been sick. He has been having to go to school with other people because I find driving very difficult - but yesterday morning he flat out refused to get in the car with friends. We had a bit longer at home, I dosed myself up on pain killers and then I drove him. There are a few other little challenging moments that I am monitoring! 

Better go. Tucker is off to family day care for a half day today and I need to make sure he is ready to get out the door. 

Have a great weekend. xxx