Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My time In Queensland.............

.... Did I type something along the line of saying how much time I would have when I got to Queensland..... well what I predicted was very "WRONG" ...... oops.

I thought I would post alot while I was here but I forgot to take into consideration that I was what not in my own environment and that unlike Karratha it takes longer than 5 minutes to get places here.....

I have been running around like a chook with her head chopped off... LOL. Cardio sessions, eating, weights sessions, cooking, eating, sleeping, driving in the car, posing sessions with Jo, shopping, and sleeping - GO FIGURE!!!!!!!

I also made a trip to South Eastern Brisbane to see my eldest brother Andrew and his wife Eileen. I have two Siberian Husky's and my brother has the son of one of my dogs so it was great to see the four legged friends too.

Training is great, diet is going well and I am seeing really marked improvements in my posing and routine. While I was with Jo yesterday I looked at some bikini styles and have combined a few different aspects of bikinis into my design. I can not wait to see it when it is done.

Today I trained cardio at 6 am and then I took Tucker to Dreamworld - he had such a great time. I will post some pics once I get back to Karratha in the middle of October. Followed this up with another cardio session tonight - HAD to puty my ipod on the block out the grunting noise from the man trying to run on the treadmill next to me..... very distracting.

EXCITING NEWS: today i received the email link for the first of my photos from my photo shoot the other day........ OMG - it was one of those moments when you look twice to see if that really is you.

I had better go - I am planning an early night, I need to add some zzzz tonight. Maryanne tired = Maryanne with a short fuse - not pretty. LOL

Good night. xxx

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I have arrived....

Last night I arrived into Brisbane after spending around 7 hours on an aeroplane with a three year old while dieting - quite a challenge.

This morning i headed off for my first Queensland workout - had a good session, and found everything okay in the gym I have joined here. I headed in again tonight for my second cardio. I think I might have been night time entertainment - people seemed to be constantly walking past me. LOL

What else did i get up to today in the sunshine state:

I went shopping and bought a couple of outfits from Lorna Jane. The girls were so helpful. I then was so excited when Liz responded to my message and came across and met me in Lorna Jane - Liz - it was great to see you - looking forward to her smashing me in RPM High Performance on saturday morning.

Next i was pampered at the Napoleon Perdis stand and had my face done for my photo shoot.......yes a photo shoot with the most amazing "Dallas Olsen" I arrived there so NERVOUS but that soon disappeared when i saw the first few pics he had taken. We spent two and a half hours together. Lindy joined us too - it was great to have some photos with her as well. It really made my day - I could not believe it was me on the view finder!!!! Later in the day tears came to my eyes as it felt so surreal. Thankyou to Dallas and Lindy for an awesoem time.

You might now be thinking that that was enough for day one - NO WAY!!!!

My next stop was to go and see "Jo Rogers" - we spent around an hour and a half on my posing - Jo will be dreaming "relax your traps" tonight. By the time I left my first session with her I really think we had made a good start.

In between all of that I ate, remembered to breathe, spent some time with the people I am staying with and had some beautiful cuddles with my gorgeous Tucker.

Its 9.30 pm so time for me to log off and get some sleep. My body clock is still on WA time - but it is slowly adjusting.

Good night and sweet dreams. xxx

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My journey to the stage....

... a very quick post tonight. It is 9.40pm and this is past my bed time.

Tonight I did my last training session at Life and Soul Health and Fitness Club, so this means one part of my journey to the stage is complete.

Tomorrow I fly to QLD to spend time with Jo Rogers on posing, to have a photo shoot with Dallas Olsen, go to the Qld ANB show, and do some retail therapy.

Will write a longer post once I have some free time in sunny Qld. 

Train hard, be true to yourself and remember there are no easy roads to places worth visiting. xxx

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Choc Mint Protein Pancake

..... who said competition prep food needed to be boring....... I am sitting here LOVING a choc mint flavoured protein pancake........ YUMMY!!!!! - sorry was too hungry to take a photo before I ate it....... 


The schedule for PHAT camps in Australia has been announced - now I just have to decide if I go to Melbourne, Sydney or Queensland............ mmmm decisions.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A relaxing day at home.....

It is 2.45 pm in the afternoon and Tucker and I have been at home nearly all day today and I am loving it!

I headed in to the gym for cardio at 6am while Mike used the treadmill at home and Tucker slept. I then headed back down there again to train shoulders at 9, and when I finished i did posing practice and we came home. 

I did most of the house work yesterday, so I only had a couple of loads of washing to peg on the line, and today's meals to prepare, and the rest of the time I have spent relaxing. Tucker and I did some drawing, played on his trampoline, and read LOTS of books. 

I lost him about an hour ago - I found him sound asleep in bed........ I have just got out of the bath - yes a bath in the middle of the day - with Epsom salts - I have a sore set of legs from training yesterday.

I am going to go now and do a few other things for "ME" before Tucker wakes. 

PS I am now counting sleeps to Queensland - 8 to go!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Woo Hoo - I'm excited......

What shall I wear today - I ask myself. Mmmmm maybe I will just try this very old size 8 denim mini on.......... on it goes, button done up - I have no idea how many years it has been since I wore this. I never tossed it just in case I got to be a .......... "HOT MOMMA".....lol

A productive day.....

A blank blog - must be having a fuzzy head moment. LOL

I feel like I have achieved so much in such a short time this morning - its only 11.20 and I have:

Spent 1 hour on he treadmill for cardio
Ate meal 1
Read Tucker three books
Cooked my meals for the day
Taken Tucker to occasional care
Trained legs for 1 hour
Ate meal 2
Had a physiotherapy appointment
Filled the car with fuel
Cruised the internet
Vacuumed the house
Ate meal 3

For the rest of the day I plan to:

Collect Tucker from occasional care, and put him to bed for a sleep. Then I am going to hit the couch and watch a movie, with ice on my sore knee (it is playing up again - but only a tad). When Tucker gets up, we will head to the park, followed by supermarket shopping, then more cardio, few more meals thrown in there, then dinner, read, another meal and then head to bed.

Since my performance on Saturday I have had so many people stop me in the gym, and tell me how much they enjoyed it, and how good I look. No my head is not too big LOL. People who do not have any idea are just in awe of what we do and how dedicated we are.

Currently I am reading Craig Harpers book "Fattitude" - its an awesome read and really gets my mind thinking. I actually have to have another book to read once I hit the pillow otherwise I get busy brain and can not sleep. 

I am starting to get really excited about my trip to QLD. I am really hoping to be able to meet so many people from blogger world at the ANB titles. 

Time to hit the shower and then to collect Tucker. Remember to keep smiling. :-) xxx

Saturday, September 13, 2008

It was time to shine......

This morning i presented my posing routine at our clubs group fitness launch, and 


I was nervous but Mike said it did not show. I had such a blast. I remembered to smile, I held each pose, and most importantly I felt proud! It was such a good opportunity to see where i need to focus on the day.

One of the staff members took some great photos. I am really pleased with how everything is coming together. As soon as i get the pics I will post some up for you all to see. 

Then when I finished there was lots of applauding and cheering - and it was all for me!!!! I am finally realising that all my hard work and dedication is showing through. 

I need to eat - enjoy your day. xxx

Friday, September 12, 2008

.......and now I feel even better

yes, I listened to my body - its amazing how good it feels when you actually listen and do as it is telling you.

I went to bed and slept for 90 minutes - it was bliss. Took a bit to wake up, but now I am awake I feel fantastic. Now i will not look like death warmed up for my presentation tomorrow.

Yes presentation - I am presenting my routine at the GF launch - and I'm excited. Had a dark spray tan today and all i can say is wow!!!!! Tan does awesome things. Will post some pics tomorrow.

Right now I am heading to collect my gorgeous boy from Family Day Care and taking him to the shops to buy him a couple of new T shirts - he is having another growth spurt. I think I am in the breeding program for tall America basketball players.......... he is only three but wearing size 5 so he does not have a bare midriff!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the day. xxx 

A good solid workout can work wonders

.... just finished training, yes I am still feeling a bit tired, and will still be taking a sleep at lunch time, but it is surprising how good you feel after a solid workout with your head space where it needs to be. 

Helps too when you hear more positive comments about how you are looking. xxx

Its all about honesty around here.....

I am glad its FRIDAY - I am really tired today. I am going to try soon to drag this body out of the chair and down to the gym for chest and arms workout............ the dark horse is right in my line of sight today.

Phone is going off the hook at lunch time for a big catch up sleep.

Have a good day everyone. xxx

Thursday, September 11, 2008

4 weeks and 2 days to go........ I'm excited

I can't believe a week and a half has passed since I posted last...... what have I been up to......

Sleep (mind you not so well)
Routine practice
Posing practice........

I am sure you all know the feeling. All of the above take up plenty of time - but i love every single moment of it.

I am now 4 weeks and 2 days out from competition - I am really pleased with how I am looking and the changes I am seeing are a great motivator.

I have been getting some great feedback from people i know in the gym as well as complete strangers. LOL.

Mike was away for work at the start of the week for work - but i had my very trusted baby sitter on hand to look after Tucker so training was not affected.

Knee has been giving me a bit of grief - when I am at home I have been sitting with it up with ice on. This morning I had another appointment with the physio - felt better after she treated it.

On the 24th September my journey towards the comp starts. I am flying to QLD for 10 days - including a visit to see the ANB show, and time with Jo Rogers, then on the 4th October to Perth, where I will stay until after my show. 

We have our group fitness launch at the gym on the weekend. Grand Final theme - every Grand final has entertainment - you guessed it - that's me - I am going o present my 60 sec routine. Good chance to tan up and see how I am looking.......... feel a bit nervous doing the routine in front of people I work with and know - bit silly really.

Its time for the knee to go up in the air with some more ice, and nearly time for another meal. Hope everyone is feeling great with spring sunshine brightening your day. xxx

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good Head Space

When I took the journey towards the stage and competed for the first time in 2006, I can confidently say I was not in a good head space, and it had a HUGE impact on the journey, the end result and the after effects.

This time around I am reaping the benefits of focusing on the mental training as well as the physical training. It is the mental side which no one sees, but they do see, if that makes sense. No it has not been easy, and yes I have had days where I really wondered where I was and what i was doing........ anyone else feel familiar with this???

For a long time, I spent a lot of wasted time on nervous and anxious energy, and seemed to lose days and not really know what I had done with my time. I have been making a real effort to ensure I work on some of the non- training and dieting goals. Some of these include:

# making time to sit and relax every day - this is a whole new thing for me. I would run around doing things all day every day, and then wonder why I was exhausted.
# make sure I get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep every night
# prioritise tasks in a day - if not important and it did not get done it does not matter
# make sure I gave myself time during the day, so then I could give time to my family at the end of the day

I am seeing many benefits of doing what may seem like really small changes, but doing these things and remembering to do these things is really hard work. 

The time I am giving to myself is meaning I am not getting exhausted like I used to, and  I am finding new levels of self control which I did not even know existed in my world. I feel much more stable as a take this exciting journey towards my next competition. 

This morning I trained shoulders. I think I can say they are a reasonably strong body part of mine. I really liked what I saw - it is a huge motivating factor to keep doing what i am doing right now - because I have changed and the road I am now is leading me to a new place, rather than staying on the road I was on and still thinking I would end up in a different location. 

If we were speaking in Craig Harper words today - i can confidently say I have left my block sided pigeon hole. See Craig's post today and you will know what I mean. Its not scary to leave a pigeon hole, but it is scary thinking about it. Your the only one who can exit that square box - try it the benefits are amazing. xxx