Friday, October 24, 2008

The best day......

I am winning............ YEAH!!!!! You may ask what am I winning. Well I am winning the post comp head battles because today I took control instead of the never never in my head taking the lead. I had to run really fast to catch the never never but i saw a break or a lapse in concentration on her part and I got past - I even knocked her out on the way past. I really sent her flying so lets hope she lost her wings which means she will not be flying any time soon - or should I say ever!!!!!!

It all started this morning when I was working on the treadmill at home - my knee was killing me and I was really struggling. I had already done 45 minutes - however was supposed to go for an hour. I LISTENED TO MY BODY and more importantly LISTENED TO MY KNEE and hit the STOP button. I hooked up the dogs on their lead, Tucker got on his bike and we walked / rode to the park. It was so relaxing.

Tucker normally starts at Family Day Care on a Friday at 9 - well we had a go slow morning and I dropped him off at 10!!!! Really nice to not run around when you don't have to. 

Earlier in the week I made arrangements to have lunch with a friend today. We met at 12 - talked for ages, had a champagne together, and caught up on so much lost time. She talked to me about how much of an inspiration I am - I had never thought of that for too long but wow after today i really realise what she meant.

After lunch I went to the gym - no not for a workout but to see Naomi Gillespie. She is visiting from the Gold Coast and she is one amazing lady - she is a Naturopath, Accupuncturist, a specialist massage therapist, ligament therapist, and  remedial massage therapist. I had the lot and I feel fantastic. I feel calm, relaxed, my knee is not so sore, and I do not feel like i have a huge weight resting on my shoulders anymore. 

For the first time since my competition I feel like I have goals to work towards, direction to follow and treatment for a few ongoing issues my body is giving me at the moment. She answered so many underlying questions I had. Hind sight is an amazing thing - imagine what might have happened had she been here 12 months ago. I am not looking back but simply forward because that's what i can alter. 

Stay tuned for my journey to a healthy Maryanne on the inside and the outside. I'm excited. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Physiotherapy visit today......

Yes I have been back at physio today - and no i do not have a new injury,  it is my knee that I had surgery on 14 weeks out from comp. 

I went in to the gym to train legs on Monday night and 15 minutes into my workout I came to a very quick standstill with pain in the said knee. Normally I would have kept going, but I listened to my body and stopped straight away. Came home iced it elevated it etc. the pain went with pin killers and the swelling did not get out of control.

This morning knee was swollen again and when Angie started to treat me she hit all the right (wrong / painful) spots. My medial ligaments are very tender, i have joint pain, and my knee cap is tracking VERY poorly. My medial strength is almost zilch!!!

So the verdict is - rehab exercises only for legs, no lunges, no squats, no weight work, and for the next 6 weeks every morning i will be applying tap to my knee and then taking it off at night. 

It could be a lot worse but for someone who LOVES to train legs this is not really what I wanted. I will need to make sure i get the good endorphins from my other workouts instead of my leg workouts. I see her again in a week so will keep you posted. 

Until next time xxx

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another pic........

Decided to post another pic from last weekend. This one was taken during my routine - which I performed to  "Fragile" by Sting. Its hard to believe a week has already passed since my competition. 

I have dedicated lots if time to Tucker over the weekend - he was well and truly over due for some mummy time. We have built train tracks, made cup cakes and anzac biscuits, gone to the pool ( it has really warmed up here now averaging 35-40 each day), and while it might not sound fun we tidied his room - he had so much fun!!!!

Speaking of my little man he is going to be "4" on Tuesday. Every year to date Tucker has had a birthday party however this year we decided to have a special family party with Mummy, Daddy and Tucker. Tucker and I are then going to bake and decorate a cake that he can take to gym creche on Tuesday morning. 

We have 2 Siberian Husky's - they are the best of friends and do not cope at all well when they are separated. One has to go to the vet tomorrow - she has a severe ear infection and she has to go under anaesthetic to have it cleared. So tomorrow I am going to be house bound so we do not have a day filled with a lonely husky howling the neighourhood down. 

A visit to physio is going to be on the cards this week - my knee is giving me trouble again, including pain radiating down my calf. Lets hope nothing too severe. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

WA INBA State Titles

Well here I am - the much awaited photograph from the weekend - initially I felt a little reluctant to post it but am trying to move forward so here it is.  Right now I am trying to focus on the post comp head space - quite a challenge I must say. I thought the training prior to comp was hard, but that's nothing compared to what goes on in your mind after it is over. Initially I was a little reluctant to post a picture

Will I do it again - YES I WILL!!!! I loved the journey, and even though I was nervous I enjoyed the time on stage. I have many thoughts going through my mind about what I would do differently next time around, and over time I will share some of these with you. Considering 14 weeks out from competition I could not walk after knee surgery, and along the way I suffered from 2 chest and throat infections and gastro - I still kept my eye on the prize and followed through with my goal to get up there and give it my best shot. 

I placed 4th in Figure Intermediate for INBA and equal 4th in Figure Novice IFBB. Congratulations goes out to all the fellow competitors who competed and placed on the weekend. There were some great physiques out there and the standard was very high.

A  big thank you goes to Jen Hendershott and the team at, Cindy Kempton and the staff and members of Life and Soul Health and Fitness Club Karratha, Jo Rogers from Style on Stage,  Angie Rata from Karratha Physiotherapy, Lia Halsall, Lindy Olsen,  and most importantly my beautiful husband Mike and my son Tucker for their patience and support. 

I will try and post some more pics soon. 

Good luck to all those competitors competing in the INBA National Titles on the Gold Coast this weekend. I will be thinking of you and cheering from WA. xxx

Friday, October 10, 2008

1 Sleep to go......

....a really quick post otherwise I will be here all day - these claws I have on make this whole typing thing a real challenge.

Feel good - am happy with how I look, and am ready to step up and show everyone what a counry girl can do.

Will post again after comp as soon as I can. xxx

Good luck to everyone else competing this weekend.