Friday, July 30, 2010

Long time no post........

Hi Everyone,

Yes I am still alive ........ and well!

I cant believe it has been so long since my last post! I have lots to report on so maybe head to the kitchen grab a coffee and come back!!! hehehe

As you will see from the pics I have attached I have been out and about having a wow of a time. It has been race season here in Karratha. Horse racing that is. Let me paint a picture for you.......

Red dirt and lots of it - including the race track, rocks, little shade, tiny bit of grass, BIG bar, lots and lots of people, and women dressed to the nines - including heels, flash dresses and in some cases hats - and apparently horse running down the track - not that I saw too much of that!

This is a picture of my bestie and I at the races! We had such a GREAT day! Not only did we have so much fun there we also had lots of fun getting ready - spray tans, swapping dresses, painting nails... the list goes on!

The track is a 45 minute drive from where we live (short distance really considering Perth is 16hrs in the car away!), so we went to the track on a bus! Arrived around 1pm and left again at 8pm! Drank bubbles, ate Thai, socialised lots, danced to the band at the end of the night! Brings back great memories just typing this!

Below is a picture of me earlier in the day...... need I say anymore! Not that I want you to get the wrong idea at all!
Training has been great - mixing it up with classes, running and a few weights sessions. The mix must be right combined with diet right now because the bod is telling me only good things.

I had so much fun teaching again - i felt so confident up there on the group fitness stage, more so than ever before. I think life experiences has a fair bit to play in that department. At the moment I don't have any more classes on the horizon - but I am sure there will be more opportunities.

Not a day goes by where I don't think about my beautiful mum and dad. I have had some counselling and this has really helped. I miss them so so much but at the same time sitting around and not doing anything is not going to make them come back.

Mike is busy at work, but loving it! Tucker has started his third term of pre primary and is learning to write words and read - he is doing so well and loves to find paper at home and try and write out lots of different things! Essington is going to be one in 1 months time! That is still a shock to me. He is a VERY busy baby and seems to get up to lots more mischief than Tucker ever did! For those of you who know Tucker you will find this hard to believe!!!

We are loving the weather right now and sometimes wish it was like this all year! Day time temperatures are anywhere between 24 and 31! Overnight sometimes as low as 14, at which point we are FREEZING! It is a very pleasant change from 45 during the day and 28 overnight - summer will be here again very soon!!!

You must have almost made it to the bottom of your cup by now, so I am going to leave it at that and I will be aiming to not make it so long between posts.

Maryanne x

ps ....... Mr Mischief is trying to climb out of his high chair so got to run!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gracing the stage

On Wednesday night it was time for me to shine once again - no not on the competition stage (well not yet anyway!!!!) - but on the group fitness stage teaching the one and only.....

I had so much fun and worked the class REALLY hard! I realised how much I miss sharing my energy and love of fitness with others. For 55 minutes I had the opportunity to inspire, challenge and motivate 15 people! They all sucked up my enthusiasm and gave that enthusiasm back to me through their energy and determination to succeed in class! I had a combination of brand new attackers as well as the seasoned regulars.

Previously when I have taught classes i have found myself to be exceptionally nervous prior to the start of the class and even in the first couple of tracks - on wednesday this was not the case. I believed in myself and knew I knew the choreography, felt attack fit and had my coaching skills ready to roll. It was such a different feeling and one that was so much more enjoyable.

I cant wait to teach again on Monday night and might even take it to another level again - really hoping that the stitch does not kick in again like it did on track 9 the other night!

Good luck to all the girls competing at the all female classic in Melbourne this weekend. Maybe one day it will be me in Melbourne getting all ready for that big day!

Did I just say that!!!!!

:-) xxx