Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Well here I am.......

Just before i started to write this post i had a look to see when I posted last - it was way back in JULY!!!! Lots has happened since then - i think I might just try and dot point as much as I can remember as a starting point for today and go from there. I am now hoping to blog more regularly!

1. In the middle of August I did what i had wanted to do for a LONG time - I had breast reconstruction surgery! I had to have a MASSIVE lift, with LOTS of skin cut away and implants put in. Due to the complexity of the operation in my case i suffered from LOTS of pain and was 2 weeks I was a zombie on many strong pain killers. I basically laid in bed for nearly 2 weeks!!!! Mike was awesome and looked after the boys for me. As an end result now 3 months later they feel awesome look awesome and I am VERY happy with the end result!

2. Essington turned one at the end of August - how could that year have passed so quickly! I know exactly how, but want to try and keep this as a post on a positive note! As he was a month early we decided for his 1st birthday to celebrate on his actual due date - this was quite fun. We had a smallish party in one of that parks near our house. Essie is a VERY busy baby and into everything. He is an amazing climber (luckily not climbing out of his cot yet) and he can crawl VERY fast - he is not walking yet but let me tell you this does not seem to make any difference in his mobility stakes.

3. On the 11th September my Dad would have turned 70 - yes he passed away and quite a young age of 69. Not only was he turning 70, but it was his first birthday without him. i decided that I wanted to do something special. Michael Tucker, Essington and I went to a beautiful beach and released 7 helium balloons. When Tucker could not see them any more he stated that Pa must have caught them. There were many tears shed but I loved what we did.

4. In the middle of september i jetted off to Sydney for the weekend with Essington and saw my two brothers, their wives, my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. I had a real blast and enjoyed that fact that we were all together as a family in a happy arrangement. The last two times I had seen my brothers was when Dad had passed away and then 7 months later when mum passed away. My cousin wrote and performed in a play that was part of the Sydney Fringe festival. While I was there I visited the Opera House, saw the winners cross the finish line in the Sydney Marathon, went to Darling Harbour, went shopping, ate at lots of nice places and overall had a good time.

5. At the end of september we moved house. Mike got the Operations Managers role at a port called Cape Lambert (Rio Tinto). Cape Lambert is soon to become the biggest port in Australia - so exciting times lay ahead for Mike in his position. He has worked in the rail industry for over 20 years now so he is loving the change and learning lots of new things. With the new job came a new house! It is located in a small town called Wickham with a population of 1800 people. You may ask in such a small town do i have a gym - well i had a choice of TWO! I go to Wickham Gym Club. It is open 24/7 and I have my own key and let myself in and out as i please. The equipment is fantastic and the most number of people there at any one time is 10!!!!!!

Tucker got a place at the school - which is at the end of our street, and Essington goes to day care 2 days a week. Everything here s very close. I ride my bike to go to the gym, we walk to school every day, I walk to take Essington to day care, and unless i have to do a big shop i walk to the supermarket. The car has never sat so still in all its life.

Karratha where we used to live is 50 km away on a highway so we can be there in half an hour! I usually only head there once a week because we have everything we need here. We have a great house with over an acre of beautiful established gardens (that are maintained by gardeners once a week), a huge pool in the backyard (very nice now the temps. are climbing up in the vicinity of 40), and a house with plenty of room and great decor.

6. and theres more......

7. My training has taken off in leaps and bounds and once again have dropped some more body fat and gained a bit of muscle! I have gone back to lower intensity cardio and nice solid weight sessions - and my body seems to be loving it. I am eating some really great clean foods and this is giving me good rewards.

I am sure there are many more things that I will cover that I have forgotten, but for now I am going to leave it there and go and get organised to do parent help for the afternoon at Tuckers school.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog! x

PS - I will try and post some pics soon.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coming out of my hiding hole!

Hi all,

Yes VERY long time and no post! I'm still here and reading everyones blogs - I had planned to post lots in November - well november is still here so I'm going to make a start. I'm about to eat ready to go and train legs - in my new 2XU compression tights!

I'll be back later to give you a proper update. X