Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Best Training session since surgery

Today it is exactly 4 weeks post op. - I am truly amazed and really think listening to the people who know best and maintaining a positive attitude with a never say die attitude has really helped the recovery.

This morning for pre breakfast cardio I -

  • Ran on the treadmill at 8 km/h for 15 minutes
  • Jumped on the cross trainer for 15 minutes at level 4 maintaining 70-80 rpm
  • Rode the bike for 15 minutes at level 3 maintaining 85-95 rpm
Knee felt strong, stable and felt like it was tracking really straight. No swelling and no pain at all. Trained triceps and biceps today - which included mountain climbers. Before i started i did a bit of pep talking to myself and said if it hurts I must stop, but try and see what happens. Well it did not hurt, but my abs and butt did!!!!

This afternoon for my second session of cardio i got back on the treadmill with the plan to do 15 minutes of running at 8 km/h again - but got carried away with my music and realised i had run for 30 minutes instead. I must have really been in another world.

Tucker (my three year) old and I have started riding to the park in the afternoons for a run around together - he is only just fitting in the baby seat on the back of my bike ( so not only do I have gears for resistance but also a 19 kg dead weight in the seat). It is a really special time we have together - he loves it, I love it and it is also good for my knee to be doing the cycling. 

Low carb. fuzzy brain syndrome is setting in - went to the post office on Monday to post a posing dvd to Jo Rogers and realised when I got there with the dvd and had written her name on the envelope that I did not have her mailing address - phone call later and a re visit back later got the dvd off on the way to her. 

Have a hair appointment on Friday - have reasonably short hair, but am thinking of getting extensions for the comp. - bit undecided right now, but have 10 weeks to think about it. 

Am trying to spend minimum of 10 minutes each day in my posing shoes - I live in runners and flat shoes for 99.9% of the time so need to put in the work. Certainly do not want to have the tottery look on stage. 

It is 9.17 pm - yes close to my bed time. Got one last meal to have so off I go and put some more fuel in the tank for overnight.

Thanks for the vibes and positive comments.

Maryanne xx

Friday, July 25, 2008

.... and today was even better

Today I had my third visit to the physiotherapist and yes it is all good news. I have been a little concerned about my left leg not been able to lock out or straighten completely. Well today at Physio, I managed to get it the straightest it has been. 

We have now added 1/4 squats on the fitball against the wall, and 1/4 stationary lunges. When i went in to do cardio tonight I gave both of them a go ...... like everything else so far i managed to perform these without any difficulty or pain. 

Compared to two days ago I can really start to see a difference in the muscularity of my VMO. It had really been in a deep sleep since way before surgery, and it is starting to re-emerge from its hiding hole.

When you use the power of a strong mind it is amazing what you can achieve. Only a few days ago I had a flat moment where I was really frustrated and felt like i was not progressing with the rehab. Once i busted through this black cloud i realised that things were actually great. I have a repaired knee, and I am really grateful for all my opportunities in life, there are many people out there with far worse conditions than myself, which a simple operation will not cure.

I still have 11 strong weeks before my competition, my knee is functioning very very well considering this time 3 weeks ago I was hobbling around in severe pain. If i have come this far in 3 weeks, imagine what progress will have happened in another three weeks.

Am really tired tonight. Having an early early night.

Maryanne x

Thursday, July 24, 2008

..... an excellent day.......

Well yesterday I said now I can..... well tonight i can say well now i have........

completed a 30 minute interval workout on the treadmill:

  • 1 minute at 6 km/h
  • 1 minute at 8.0 km/h
  • 1 minute at 9.0 km/h
..... and I completed a 45 minute spin class. I stayed in the saddle the whole time and kept the resistance low, however did reach 82% max. heart rate through controlled speed. I also had a really great chest and abdominal workout. My knee has not swollen, and I have had no pain all day..... all good signs I would suggest. Its interesting how suddenly everyone becomes a specialist...... should you be doing that, isn't that too soon....... rather than, "wow its great to see your rehab progressing so well" 

Considering I am three weeks post op. on my knee this is truly a dream come true and way beyond what I expected. More physiotherapy tomorrow, cant wait. 

Its 9.42pm, I am usually in bed at this time so good night.

Maryanne x 

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Knee Update

What a happy camper!!!!!

Had my second physiotherapy appointment today - exactly three weeks post op. I am now at a point were i can:

Run on the treadmill at up to 9.0 km/h
Use the cross trainer for up to 30 minutes at a level that keeps my knee tracking correctly
Ride the bike for as long as i like as long as my knee tracks correctly.

I am off to the gym tonight to train back but to also give the run a go on the treadmill. Feel a little apprehensive but am not going to know what it feels like if i do not try.

I need to continue with my knee rehab exercises - I can not quite get the left leg straight yet, but with time this will be fine.

With the increased cardio ability my goal of coming in under 10% body fat for October competition is clearly in my sight.

"to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan but also believe" Anatole France

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


October 2004. I had just arrived home from hospital after having my little boy. I have this photo as well as photos of when i competed in 2006, and photos of people who i aspire to like Jen Hendershott attached to my training diary. If i am struggling through my sets or am feeling a little unmotivated while i am training - a quick look through my photos of how i want to look and how i don't want to look (like above) ever again is a huge motivating factor for me. 

Yes that is nearly 4 years ago and I did not loose my baby weight as quickly as a superstar, but i can proudly say i am really proud of where i have come in this journey. Right now there is no end in the round. I just want to keep working really hard and see where this journey takes me.

Maryanne xxx

Monday, July 21, 2008

....... 12 weeks until WA IFBB State Titles

well here are my pics 12 weeks out from the IFBB WA State Titles. had to send the photos off the Jo Rogers at so she knew what changes to make to my new costume for the comp in October. "New Year New costume" - competing IFBB so will need to change from g string to Brazilian bottom. Thought it was a good opportunity to post them here as well so you can all see what i look like. All feedback greatly accepted.

As you can see in the photos my left knee is looking pretty good or 2 1/2 week post surgery. Still a little swelling to go but not too bad. I started rehab for my knee on Friday. I have a series of 10 exercises that I need to do at least twice a day - some as often during the day as i can. reps were initially really low due to fatigue and pain, however over the course of 4 days i have managed to increase to 2 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. 

My physiotherapist suggested i try level 2 on the bike and ride for 10 minutes and see if it had any impact on pain, fatigue, swelling etc. Success - no pain, no swelling and no fatigue. My cardio sessions are now consisting of:

  • 30 minutes walking at 7 km/h varying incline between 0% and 6%
  • 15 minutes cycling on stationary bike at level 2. Rpm 85-100
  • 15 minutes of rehab exercises.
  • On other days i include push ups, sit ups crunches etc. off the treadmill every 2 minutes
I have been continuing my upper body workouts - thank goodness i can still do these. I don't think I would be very easy to live with without any weight training. Because at the moment I can not fully train legs, my trainers at  have decided I will train shoulders twice a week - once at the start the other at the end of the week. Jen Hendershott and her staff are amazingly supportive and even though they are thousands of miles away, i feel like they are right by my side. 

Dieting is going really well - really feel in control of what i am eating. I have a "Free" meal once a week but interestingly still find myself eating chicken, i just usually add noodles, and a sauce which i do not have during the week.

Its time to eat another meal so better go and eat!!!! (the story of a competitors life)

" People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of." Beth Bingham

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

.... and I can now ride the bike

...... Yeah!!!!!! I have visited my physiotherapist this morning and she has said i can start to ride the bike, little to no resistance, but at least i can do it.

The only swelling around my knee now seems to be the scar tissue....... it looks so much better than before surgery..... how I ever thought i might be able to compete when it looked like it did!

My husband has gone away to Perth for work for the rest of the week today so now i play a juggling game with my three year old Tucker. I have a fantastic part time Nanny who will come and look after Tucker at any time so i think she will be here quite a bit this week, and the weeks to come up until the comp. 

Have made more contact with Jo Rogers from Style on Stage regarding my routine, poses, bikini shoes etc. so i am sure she will be in touch soon..... poor lady she is so busy with all of us figure and fitness girls. 

Better go. I am going to hit the kitchen and prepare all my food for the week - i am not sure about others but i find it so much easier when meals only need heating rather than preparing from scratch during the week.

Maryanne x

Friday, July 11, 2008

Knee Progress....... + bits and bobs.

I am really pleased with the way my knee recovery is progressing. Swelling is reducing each day, movement is increasing, and pain is down to just about nothing. the fact that i am restricted in what i can do is VERY frustrating, but at the same time i do not want to inhibit my recovery. Prior to surgery VMO on Left leg had basically fallen asleep........ well today i saw some signs of it re waking up............ YEAH!

I am allowed to walk..... that's all for the lower body at the moment. Initially i was walking at 5.5 km/h. I have now been able to increase this to 6.5 km/h......... good progress in 3 days. I see my physiotherapist next Friday....... really hoping i will be able to add in some lower body rehab exercises. 

My upper body workouts are continuing as normal. I have even been able to do full Chest and Triceps push ups.... I just hook my bad leg on top of the other one and off I go. 

I have recently started seeing Jan Purser (Naturopath) at Food Body and Health in Mt Lawley. She is an amazing lady. It appears that my gut does not digest food as it should and my hormone levels are all over the place. As a result i am now taking 5 different herbs and vitamins, morning and night. Initially I kept forgetting to take them...... yes i know they are not going to do too much for me sitting in the bottle. Now that i have been consistently taking them I really feel like things are starting to change. Some of the symptoms i suffered from were sugar cravings, poor energy levels, fatigue, aches and pains, drowsiness, sleep problems, (yes i know most of these sound like the life of a fitness/figure competitor, but were evident even before this became a hobby),decreased ability to handle stress, and water retention. I feel like some of these have already started to reduce . I am really excited about how i am going to feel once they really kick in and get started.

I would highly recommend a visit for anyone to see a Natural Therapist........ its amazing what can be unearthed. Before seeing Jan, i thought this was just my make up and that i had to accept that this was how I would be............ now that there are reasons and the reasons are been treated..... WOW. 

Wore a pair of size 10 cargo pants i had only bought last week in Perth today.......... and they felt more roomy on me........ BRING IT ON!!!!!!!! Love this feeling... I am sure you can all agree.

Until next time, train hard but more importantly eat well.

Maryanne x

Thursday, July 10, 2008

October 06 and June 2008

Thought i would add a picture of conditioning from my first competition and a picture taken at the end of last month. Competition tan does amazing things........ I think i am not that far off right now. My main aims of this competition is to:

1. Come in much leaner than before
2. Have spent plenty of time practising the poses.... to iron out as many faults/ flaws as possible
3. Know the right feel for the poses
4. maintain as much lean muscle mass as possible
5. have a polished routine, that i know like the back of my hand
6. enjoy the journey.... it is an amazing ride and i am loving it.
7. stay in good positive head space and listen to my body 
8. ...... probably the second most important....... to be confident and own that stage!!!! (yeah bold statement i know)
9. ..... the most important (for me anyway) is to compare myself to me myself and I only........ I am not going to compare myself to anyone else..... its my journey i am looking at.

Maryanne x

My Handsome "3" year old

This is a recent picture of my little rascal...... 3 year old ( going on 13) "Tucker Jackson Bailey". It only seems like yesterday that he was born. He certainly keeps me on my toes. He challenges most things.... as does any three year old, however at the same time he is very affectionate and is a real Mummy's boy. Loves motorbikes and anything that can make him move at a faster pace. Loves to tell people that mum has a a baby in her tummy and that he is going to have a sister in 10 weeks....... makes most people look at me with a very strange look!!!!!!

"Not in the plan"

well....... the latest news is that a week ago i had key hole knee surgery in Perth. I was in a no win situation... not have surgery and have a leg and knee that looked very abnormal, or have the surgery and hope that the recovery is quick and continue along my path to October.

I got home from Perth two days ago and so far so good. Of course lower body work is limited to walking for 20 minutes morning and night on the treadmill, however i can still smash my upper body.

Diet has really been scaled back because of my change in physical activity. Yes I am hungry, but hey, that's my choice and i am okay with that........ for now anyway.   

I see my Physiotherapist next week and hopefully the cardio will be able to expand to include the bike. 

I could have taken the easy road and said oh well this has happened i had better give October a miss but........ the fighting spirit came out and i decided i would give it my best shot. According to clothes i am already smaller than when i competed in October 2006....... so am staying positive and focusing on all the good things.

Will try and post some pics soon.

..... "there is no easy way to any place worth going to"