Tuesday, March 26, 2013


First of all its great to be home and Essie is improving at a good rate. He is still in pain but we are able to manage this with much lighter pain medication than we had been using! We have to head back to Perth tomorrow for an appointment at 8.30am on Wednesday for a check up. My fingers are crossed that the surgeon will be happy and that we can return home that very same day.

I had a couple of runs on the weekend. On saturday I ran too late and without proper nutrition. I hit the wall very early and much to my disgust barely ran after the 6km mark. Anyone else might have been happy with 6km but I was incredible disappointed. I headed out in the dark yesterday morning and got the 9km! Much better! Now to increase the speed again. WE are having a VERY long hot summer here with temperatures still 30 degrees over night and reaching the low 40's during the day! This makes for a VERY tough run!

Yesterday I watched the Melbourne Ironman on TV. I felt VERY inspired by these amazing athletes. I will be honest and say that if I could do that in a few years I would be very impressed! For now I am going to settle on a few runs this year.

The first run I will do is the HBF Run for a Reason - I am going to run the 12km. I have set up a fundraising page. I am raising funds for the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. They made a difference to our recent extended hospital stay, so I thought for our family it was a good option. Please feel free to pop over to my fund raising page and donate any lose change you might have.

The second run I will do is the Perth Half Marathon in August. This is a race with the Western Australia Marathon Club!

I'm really excited about my year ahead!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

After lots of nights in hospital....... And after seeing many Doctors........ And after 5 weeks away - we are HOME!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Not the post I'd hoped for!

Last time I posted on here I was having the most divine holiday with my beautiful boys and running some amazing times! We arrived home on Tuesday 12th February and on Wednesday the 13th, unfortunately the very relaxed post holiday feeling came to a screaming holt with an admission to hospital for Mr 3 ( and mummy as he is too little to be on his own)! While we were away, Essington had two quick trips to hospital with a swollen left side of his face. No one was really too sure what it was from, but they suspected maybe a chipped cheek bone. This same swelling in the face is what took us to hospital on the 13th!!!!! Initially there were many guesses as to what it might be, but after an ultrasound it was established that Mr 3 had 4 calcium stones in the Parotid gland and salivary duct in his face. Fast forward to today the 9th March.......... Mr 3 and I have been in Perth 3 weeks today on our own away from my beloved husband and Mr 8. In the past 4 weeks we have had 17 days in hospital. Mr 3 has had one operation to remove one of the four stones. Mr 3 will undergo at least one more operation this coming week to attempt to remove the other 3 stones. He's had countless ultrasounds, 2 cat scans, LOTS of blood tests and more needles than I can remember! He has taken more Panadol, nurofen and extremely strong pain killers than I've seen in all my life! I'm doing my best to stay strong - mummy inner strength is an amazing thing! Feel free to leave a message of support - even just a smile will be appreciated! Xxxx