Monday, January 28, 2013

Whats higher than cloud nine?

I'm on holidays so will do a BIG post once I get home but I couldn't resist stopping by to tell you about my Melbourne run on saturday. Sub 5.50min/km for 10 of my 12km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAST WEEK MY RUN WAS AROUND THE 6.25MIN/KM - what a change! Im in Melbourne so there was very little humidity, the weather was LOTS cooler, I had a path to run on and I had a good carb meal the night before! Personal expectations to hold this pace now and improve again are super HIGH!!!!! SO HAPPY! HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

My first 12km

This morning I got up bright and early and ran my first ever 12km! To say I was a little nervous about entering the unknown before I left was an understatement! To maintain the average pace of 6.24 mins/km is impressive for the 'runner' who only started running 8 weeks ago!
Source I first of all ran the 10km from home to this beautiful little town, 'Point Samson' 10km from home and then without stopping I finished the last 2km by heading back to this bridge that I already crossed on the way out.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year

Yes I am a few days late but happy new year!!! We had a lovely christmas at home, including my MIL who travelled and stayed with us from Queensland. It's quite nice been at home at this time of the year as its quite quiet around town. The boys and I are swimming in our pool many times a day - they are loving it and so am I. I actually really love having Mr 8 home in the holidays. We will travel on holidays as a family at the end of the month - including Melbourne and Tasmania. I'll tell you more about the exciting things we have planned in a whole new post. My RUNNING is going really well! I had a fantastic interval and tempo run earlier in the week and this morning a good 10km run - I ran a little too fast too early this morning and had to slow down to a slightly slower pace on the second half of the run. My knee is doing exceptionally well with the running too! This mornings run - 10km, 1hr 2mins and 55 secs. Average pace 6.17min/km This afternoon I broke the weight training drought that was happening here (I have barely lifted any weights since my competition in September 2011). I trained chest and triceps, and abs, it was fun and I expect to be sore! I'll post about our upcoming holiday soon :-) xxx