Thursday, December 24, 2009

After Christmas I will.......

After Christmas I will ............. be making this quilt (from The Janelle Wind Collection)while I enjoy some quality time at home in the school holidays with my two beautiful boys. I am going to make the most of lots of home time with Tuck before he starts full time school next year. So far we have had a week of mostly been at home and he is loving it! We do things together and then he will be happy to go off and play with his lego, read a book, paint, ride his bike..... the list is endless while I do something for myself - like sew!

Hand made presents.......

Some more of my Christmas present creations!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas time 2009!

Hi all,

let me take this opportunity to wish each and everyone who reads this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

2009 has been a very interesting year for me - plenty of joy and success, but also a great deal of sadness with the death of my very dear dad. I have to be very honest right now - I am finding this time very very challenging - my mind is constantly running overtime and I am struggling with many thoughts and images which a very hard to clear from my mind.

Christmas day is going to be a nice quiet family day spent with my dear husband and two beautiful sons, with my beautiful dad not too far from my mind. I will talk to all my family at least once on Christmas Day. We are going to join some dear friends for some celebrations on Boxing Day.

I thought I would share with you some things I have been making for Christmas presents.......
........ a shirt for Essington - I sewed the name and the car on!
....... a top for friend of Tucker's (this one was actually a birthday present for a party we went to last weekend......
....... and another Christmas present. I have had a little help and got the idea from my friend Jo. She is amazing with fabric and card making, plus many other super skills too. You can check out her blog here.

In between typing this post I have just had a call from a very special friend who moved from Karratha to Broome in August. She called to say that on the 28th December she is going to come down and stay with us for a few days. We are very excited to see them. Their son and Tucker are very good friends, and they have not had the chance to meet Essington yet!

I had better go and get some more organising done. x

Monday, December 7, 2009

Leg Training Today

WOW! I have a really sore set of legs! As i said in my post yesterday i wanted to ramp my training up a notch - well it went up about 5 notches. Legs day was a good day to start on - it's my favourite body part to train! I love the feeling I get when I work really hard and have pain when I leave the gym! Sad I know!

Today I did:

Lateral squats on duro discs
Pop Squats and reverse lunges (set)
Jump lunges and walking lunges (set)
Front to back toe jumps and wide squats (set)
Straight leg dead lifts and single leg hamstring stretches (set)

I think tomorrow I am going to a little sore - think an epsom salt bath may be required. Tomorrow I am going to follow this workout with a RPM class! Thats if I can walk.

Yesterday I used a Fire wire cable and transferred all my photos from my old Mac across to my new lap top. I am now in the process of making sure they are in the right folders and labelling any pictures that were not already labelled - I have nearly 5000 pictures to check through!

Today is one of Tucker's non school days - I love having him around. We have so much fun together - I am really going to miss him when he starts full time school next year! I am one of the mums who will love school holidays so we can have extra time together.

Essington has just had a feed and gone to bed - he will more than likely sleep now for about 3 - 4 hours! I am so lucky to have a good baby - I put lots of hard work in, in the early days and now I reap the reward!

Time to go - a friend is coming over shortly - have few things to pick up and put away. xxx

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi all!

Hi Everyone,

how has your past week been? and what do you have planned for the week ahead?

We have had a great week - we started last week down in Perth - Tucker, Essington and I all went and saw the Wiggles in concert at the Burswood Dome - we had an awesome time. They are such great entertainers - Tucker is very proud to tell EVERYONE that he shook hands with Murray!!!

We enjoyed our time in the cooler weather and made the most of doing a bit of shopping. I got a few small things for the boys, but this tiume it was really a trip for me. I got some new linen pants - these are ideal for where we live because they are so cool. It was also time to update my phone - i went for an iPhone and I love it! Last but not least we got a new computer - a 17" Mac Book Pro! We have gone from a desk top to a laptop - I am loving sitting here on the couch in front of the TV typing this through my wireless connection with our new Time Capsule !

The first pic above - was my first attempt at photo booth - an application that takes pics on the computer! I could not resist to include the other 2 of the boys!

You might see that In the first pic that I have had all my hair cut off! I have gone for a shorter style because I found I was alwys tying my hair up when it was long. I am loving the new style and the new lighter colour - nice and fresh for summer.

Tonight once I finish on here I am going to write my weights program to do at the gym tomorrow. Since Essie was born I have been just training weights on a spontaneous basis with no particular program - but now I am ready to step it up a notch and really get in there and make a difference. I have downloaded music onto my new phone to listen to at the gym - I work best when there are no distractions! I will let you know after my workout tomorrow how it goes.

If I am going to get that program written, download some more music and still make it to bed on time I had better get moving! Until next time - keep smiling, eat clean and train hard, and tell the special people in your life tat you love them.

PS - this week I am going to attempt to write an article for a breast feeding magazine - will keep you posted! xxx