Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not long to go!

It has been ages since I posted last but have simply lost track of time - getting organised for a baby to arrive can take up a considerable amount of time!

I leave for Perth in less than 40 hours! I can not believe we are at this point already. Mind you with the headaches I have had throughout this journey, no wonder the time has gone quick. 

Shortly after my last post my pelvis stared to play games again so had to stop exercise and go back to a very quiet lifestyle. The pain has not been as bad as last time but enough to restrict me in what I want to do!

Yesterday I had what I presumed would be a straightforward appointment with my GP which ended in me staying in hospital overnight!!!! I had headaches, swollen feet and hands and protein in my urine - all signs of Pre Eclampsia - so I was sent straight to the hospital for monitoring. The Pre Ecalmpsia was not an issue, however the mild contractions I started to have at regular intervals while I was there were an issue. The end result - I am now on medication to make sure between now and Friday I do not go into labour! I have my legs crossed - everyone else keep your fingers crossed! I am really hoping this little baby plays by my rules and stays where he is at least until after 12 noon on Friday when I will safely be in Perth!!!!

I will try and post as often as I can while I am away to keep you updated but incase I can not get to an internet cafe or on my husbands lap top, I will post pics and details as soon as I get home.

Until next time, fingers crossed please and happy blogging!!!! xxx