Thursday, June 2, 2011

Studio and the bike finally arrives!

After waiting for 6 weeks my spin bike finally arrived this week! I was really starting to get pretty wild about all the drama in getting it here! I know i live in a remote place but its not the end of the earth! Its called a 'body bike' and I love it!

The other picture I have added is of my home studio - including treadmill and cross trainer. This is where I do all my morning cardio, music on, TV on mute and in my own little world.

Things are going great here - people who I see randomly are starting to ask questions about what I am up to because they can see noticeable differences in terms of leanness! YAY!

Today (thursday) is my home day - I've done washing, cooked biscuits for the boys, cooked some of my meals and general other house duties! I must say I am VERY lucky and have an ironing lady and a house cleaner. While I am not in paid employment, I keep everything organised for my husband and our two children and those are two less things I need to be concerned with.

I dont have a cook and its time for me to start preparing dinner - roasted salmon with sea salt and spices with mash