Monday, February 28, 2011

The ABC's and an update

I'm sitting here at the hairdressers getting hair extensions today so I thought what better time to sit here and use my time wisely and update my blog.

Last week I had to take a week off training! I was sick - hack hack cough, cold sores on my lip and just felt YUCK! Well after almost a week away from the gym I feel so much better and ready again to hit my training hard. My diet was pretty good - a few little slips but I am not giving myself a hard time!

I went and did cardio this morning and it felt great to get the exercise high happening again!

A few other bloggers have been doing the ABC game so im going to join in.........

Age: 37

Bed: queen - would rather king. MY husband is 6'4 and it is a bit of a squash

Chores you hate: washing the floors (have a big house with lots of tiles and I feel like I never get to the end)

Dogs: two Siberian Husky's Kista (nearly 11yrs old ) and Magga (9 1/2 yrs old) (named after antarctic ships)

Essential start to your day: cardio!!!! Its how I wake up!

Favourite Colour: Pink!

Gold or silver: Gold but I do have Tiffany's silver

Height: 175cm

Instrument you play: Piano (but not for a long time)

Job title: mum, student, PT, wife, sister....... get the picture?

Kids: 2 boys 6 and 1

Live: Wickham in WA

Mums name: Margaret (she passed away last year in May)

Nicknames: MA, my dad used to call me Lucy Lou

Overnight hospital stays: too many to count

Pet Peeve: people who stare, frown or scowl at me when I train! Government regulations in relation to the protection of children, slow drivers on the road, children in cars not wearing seat belts....... i could go on but better stop!

Quote from a movie: run forrest run - thats what springs to mind!

Righty or Lefty: righty

Siblings: two brothers 43 and 40

Time you wake up: 5.15am get out of bed at 5.20

Underwear: always a G

Vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts

what makes you run late: been disorganised (HATE running late so it doesn't happen too often)

x-rays you have had: quite a few - knees, toes, wrists......

Yummy food I make: vanilla cupcakes, baked salmon,

Zoo animal favourites: I actually find it hard to see animals trapped in a zoo, but if I had to say a favourite I would say a Tassie Devil (because they are breading them in captivity so they can eradicate the facial tumors).


Thursday, February 10, 2011

STOP the scowls and frowns

Today I've had a great day and achieved lots:

cleaned out two kitchen drawers and consolidated it down to 1 drawer

washed, hung to dry, folded, ironed and put away lots of clothes

put out two bags of old clothes for the mission

baked vanilla cupcakes

went grocery shopping

tidied the spare bedroom

........ it feels good to achieve so many things around the house.

Now onto the post 'title'

I go to the gym to TRAIN - should not come as a surprise. I have friends outside of the gym so it does not need to be a social event for me. This seems very different for some!!!! This is not the real issue - I will be honest and say I am pretty strong and this seems to give reason to other females and males in the gym to scowl and frown at me while i train and i am going to bereally honest and say I AM OVER IT BIG TIME!

Yes i ignore them and just get on with it but i know its happening and i find it quite FRUSTRATING!

Anyway now I've got that off my chest, we are off to Perth tomorrow afternoon for 2 nights. We are going to the opening night of the Perth International Arts Festival.

Have a super weekend and love life! xxx

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holiday snaps and massage

Tucker and I with a python at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 26th January 2011

Lunch at Riverside Restaurant Ballina


Coke Zero - no calories, no hangover!

Essie and I at Dreamworld

As i promised here are some more holiday photos from our trip in January.

On monday I found out that a new massage therapist had arrived in Karratha (50km drive away from me), with lots of experience. I decided with the amount of training that I am doing that frequent visits might all assist in the process. I went for my first session yesterday and she was AWESOME! She did full body yesterday and around 10 mins into the 1 hr session when I realised how talented she was I made arrangements to have a weekly appointment with her. Now you may find this a little over the top but I am giving this 100% and nothing less and if it all helps I say why not!!!! Each week she will either focus on lower body or upper body and covering which ever area she doesn't focus on for 10 mins of the time so it does not miss out all together.

I felt a bit sluggish in training yesterday and even sent my trainer a text asking for a foot up the bum - she must have been busy because i didnt hear from her - at that point I had two choices - continue to grizzle and tell myself I needed a lift or turn the music up, harden up and just get on with it - I took option two and had a super workout.

I think some other people at the gym where I train struggle with my training style and weight selection! I get so many scowls, frowns and shakes of the head at me while I am training, combine that with guys asking dumb questions - I suspect trying to pick up (sorry buddy i'm taken lol) - and my fuse is starting to run a little short with patience!!!!!

I need to remember to turn the music up on my ipod, tilt the hat down and just show them why i look like I do!!!!!

Have a super day - a friend is about to arrive for a coffee - me long black!!!


Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm back!

Well hi!!! You must have thought I had disappeared into thin air! The last time I posted on here was when I was in Tasmania. Well, that was a very busy and emotional time. packing up your mum and dads house is not an easy task, but we made it in the end and have also just had news that the house has sold.

I want to get onto some good things so lets go:

1. I went to Queensland after Tasmania and I had the best time. I had the opportunity to do 10 face to face sessions with my online trainer. She taught me so much in such a short period of time, and pushed me to my limits and further! I never realised how strong I really was and how determined I am for great things in 2011. We had a super family holiday as well with LOTS of quality time together spent doing lots of fun and exciting things!

2. I have come home and training hard has taken on a whole new meaning! I thought i used to train hard but it is nothing on what I can do now! I have never felt muscle soreness like I have felt over the last couple of weeks - and as sad as it might sound I love every minute of the pain!

3. I had started studying at the end of last year because I thought it would be a breeze and that I would enjoy it! WellI have found that its not a breeze, and I didn't enjoy it - in fact I found it very frustrating and I would constantly put off needing to sit down and do what I needed to do. I was studying for purely pleasure and as it was not pleasurable I have given it away. Day one study free today feels AWESOME!

4. I loved the time I had with Tucker over the school holidays. By the time it was time to go back to school he was ready to be with his friends again and I think he actually enjoys the routine of been at school. WE have had a couple of mornings where he has been a little sad saying goodbye to me but it has not been too bad.

5. I celebrated a birthday while we were on holiday. I am proud to say that I am now 37 - and I have never looked as good or felt as good as I feel now!

6. Essie is now walking! He is so proud of himself and laughs when he walks across the room. I am sure he will be running soon!

7. I am so fortunate to be blessed with so many wonderful opportunities, experiences, people, things, and good health in my life!

The photo above is taken by my husband with a Leica M9 on Main Beach on the Gold Coast 2 weeks ago. Back soon with some more photos from my holiday. xxx