Thursday, January 21, 2010

Clean eating and a new training program

Hi everyone!

I am just 4 days into a new training program and eating plan and I am shocked at the amount of self control I am showing. I have not had the amount of self control I have right now in a long time and I am enjoying the benefits already.

I am happy to admit that when things get what my mind considers tough the first thing I turn to is sugar and diet soft drinks! I know you may well say it could be a lot worse but to me this was also not so great. After the challenges of last year my mind was seeing lots of challenges that resulted in the over consumption of sugar! I decided that it was becoming a habit and that habit HAD to stop!

After celebrating my birthday on Monday I have taken a new lease on life and decided that if I want to be here for the long run that things needed to change and change they would! I took a drastic approach and went cold turkey on the sugar and increased the amount of healthy fruit and vegetables, lean proteins and sensible carbs.

Yesterday I had a niggling headache off and on all day - I suspect this was from my body wanting the sugar! Today it is fine.

I know there will be times where I will have sugar again but for now I am going to enjoy the benefits of no sugar and a clean eating plan. I am actually really excited.

I have not made the change for weight loss but with the clean eating and a good training program my weight will reduce which is an added benefit. After only one day my weight had already dropped by half a kilo! YAY!!!!!

In conjunction with the new eating I have also started a new training program. Today was a spin class for 45 mins! I challenged myself and came out feeling exhausted!

I will keep you updated with my progress! xxx

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