Friday, July 9, 2010

Gracing the stage

On Wednesday night it was time for me to shine once again - no not on the competition stage (well not yet anyway!!!!) - but on the group fitness stage teaching the one and only.....

I had so much fun and worked the class REALLY hard! I realised how much I miss sharing my energy and love of fitness with others. For 55 minutes I had the opportunity to inspire, challenge and motivate 15 people! They all sucked up my enthusiasm and gave that enthusiasm back to me through their energy and determination to succeed in class! I had a combination of brand new attackers as well as the seasoned regulars.

Previously when I have taught classes i have found myself to be exceptionally nervous prior to the start of the class and even in the first couple of tracks - on wednesday this was not the case. I believed in myself and knew I knew the choreography, felt attack fit and had my coaching skills ready to roll. It was such a different feeling and one that was so much more enjoyable.

I cant wait to teach again on Monday night and might even take it to another level again - really hoping that the stitch does not kick in again like it did on track 9 the other night!

Good luck to all the girls competing at the all female classic in Melbourne this weekend. Maybe one day it will be me in Melbourne getting all ready for that big day!

Did I just say that!!!!!

:-) xxx


Michelle said...

Body Attack Rocks!!! I love that class :o)

Anonymous said...

Hey Maryanne, isn't that just the best feeling! Rock on sister!