Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The freedom of running

Prior to competition prep and before my knee started giving me trouble I really loved the freedom of hitting the pavement for a road run.

Well I had been thinking maybe i would get back out there and give it a go - I was feeling a little reluctant because i really wondered what the knee might do!!!

Last night I organised my gear so when i woke this morning all i would need to do was get dressed and go.........

I have just returned from a very successful 3 km run without any stops....... I am rather impressed with my self. My knee felt great on the run and still feels good now. 

I will now aim to run the same distance in less time and then add distance as my fitness increases.

1 comment:

Rosso said...

Hiya how about spinning, its less stressful on your knee. I spin most days now that its winter here in England. Increase your omega 3 oils, will help with that knee.