Monday, April 20, 2009

Good luck for my dad

I am posting this because I know I have some great friends out there who in their own way, may keep my family in their thoughts tomorrow.

My dad is heading back to the operating table for another operation to remove cancer tomorrow morning. Unfortunately I have lost count of the number of times this has happened now......  it must be his fighting spirit that keeps him going.

Normally dad is so strong leading up to his operations but i think this time it has got the better of him. He has been very emotional and is very very scarred. He visited the graves of his mum and  dad, and his brother and sister on the weekend for fear that he would be joining them soon. 

I am not asking for anything special, but because this is close to my heart, I thought I would be open, honest and up front about what is happening in my world. xxx


Anonymous said...

My thoughts will be with you tomorrow Maryanne. I hope that everything goes okay. xxx

Shar said...

Thinking of you and family Maryanne.
Shar x

Maryanne said...

Thanks Lia and Shar. So far so good. He is through surgery, we just have to wait for the results now. It was really kind for you to both leave messages. xxx

nes said...

Hi Maryanne,
It was great seeing you last week. I'm glad your dads surgery went well and I'm sure the results will be okay. I hope your fatigue levels have improved. Nes xxx

Anonymous said...

Hey MA - please let us know how your dad is going.

Sending you cyber hugs and kisses xo