Tuesday, April 14, 2009

16 weeks and 3 days

We have just returned last night from the most relaxing 6 days I can remember. We drove the 840 km to Broome for our Easter holiday and stayed just 5 minutes walk from Cable Beach (picture above). We all spent lots of time relaxing. Our accommodation was great - we were right next to the pool, which was fantastic for our water boy who swam at last twice every day. I spent time in the pool, going for walks and I read two 500 page books!!! Mike also had a fantastic time. Some nights we ate out but our accommodation was apartment style so some nights we just stayed in. 
We caught up with some friends one night at Matso's brewery and enjoyed a great meal together. 
We took our ocean kayak with us and used this a couple of times - once on the far end of cable beach and the other time we drove approximately 50 km North to Quondong Point. Tucker even came out on it once with me - something we have been trying to do for a little while now. He loved it - but was holding on very tight just in case!

I was very spoilt for Easter and received the most beautiful pair of Paspaley stud pearl earrings. They are just beautiful and I feel very lucky to own such a beautiful piece of jewellery. Thank you so much to my beautiful husband Mike. xxx

Easter Bunny visited on Saturday night - he had no trouble finding us and came with lots of chocolate for Mike, Tucker and I. As we all enjoy chocolate none of it got wasted and it was enjoyed very much.  Easter bunny also seemed to know that Tucker loves Lego so Easter bunny also delivered Two Lego packs - Mike and Tucker spent some of the morning building and creating. 

There were a few other children staying at the same resort, and one of these children had a mask very similar to the one above. Tucker took quite a liking to it so we headed to the outdoor equipment store and found one very similar for Tuck. Since it was purchased it has barely left his face and his swimming is coming ahead in leaps and bounds. he calls himself a deep sea diver! For the first time he is now swimming along with his face in the water. 

As in the title I am now 16 weeks and 3 days into my pregnancy. My last check up showed my blood pressure as still been very low, and my fatigue seems to be about the same. There is no hiding the fact any more - there is certainly a defined bump now! On the way home in the car yesterday I could feel a few kicks and punches - I am starting to think I have another kick boxer the same as Tucker in my belly. In just under three weeks now I am going to know what I am having - I can not wait to find out - then the shopping can commence. 

Better go - still seems to be so much unpacking to do, and the washing line is full of dry clothes. Hope everyone had a great Easter. xxx

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