Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An exciting day!

Today has been an awesome day! Since Essington was born and had numerous feeding issues, I have been expressing all my milk with an electric breast pump and then feeding it to him with a bottle! I was determined for him to have my milk. At odd occasions I have attempted to put Essington back on the breast but without success. i thought expressing and then bottle feeding him was going to be our pattern until I decided he could go onto formula. This was a very time consuming process and was also at times quite challenging, however not too hard to require me to give up.

I was speaking with a friend on the weekend and she had similar issues and then she finally got her son back onto the breast at 14 weeks. This gave me great hope! Essington was 12 weeks old on Sunday. This morning I thought I would offer him the breast in preparation for trying to switch him over gradually! 

We did not need to take the gradual approach - he too his whole feed this morning and every feed thereafter today from the breast. I am so excited! We had the most beautiful time today! I felt very blessed to be able to have such a close relationship with him. Through all the challenges I have faced this year, I feel like it is some ones way of saying hey its your time to have some really great things happen. 

Today I did my training at home - I have a commercial grade treadmill in a big open plan room just off my kitchen. Tucker was happily playing with cars and trucks on the mat next to me, Essington was in his rocker watching me and I was running at 9.5km/h x 3mins then 6.0km/h x 2 mins and I repeated this 6 times! Fun! 

Its 7.45pm here in WA - both boys are bathed and sound asleep, dinner is eaten, kitchen is tidy, washing is done - it must be time for me to go a
nd relax on the couch! 


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