Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hi all!

Hi Everyone,

how has your past week been? and what do you have planned for the week ahead?

We have had a great week - we started last week down in Perth - Tucker, Essington and I all went and saw the Wiggles in concert at the Burswood Dome - we had an awesome time. They are such great entertainers - Tucker is very proud to tell EVERYONE that he shook hands with Murray!!!

We enjoyed our time in the cooler weather and made the most of doing a bit of shopping. I got a few small things for the boys, but this tiume it was really a trip for me. I got some new linen pants - these are ideal for where we live because they are so cool. It was also time to update my phone - i went for an iPhone and I love it! Last but not least we got a new computer - a 17" Mac Book Pro! We have gone from a desk top to a laptop - I am loving sitting here on the couch in front of the TV typing this through my wireless connection with our new Time Capsule !

The first pic above - was my first attempt at photo booth - an application that takes pics on the computer! I could not resist to include the other 2 of the boys!

You might see that In the first pic that I have had all my hair cut off! I have gone for a shorter style because I found I was alwys tying my hair up when it was long. I am loving the new style and the new lighter colour - nice and fresh for summer.

Tonight once I finish on here I am going to write my weights program to do at the gym tomorrow. Since Essie was born I have been just training weights on a spontaneous basis with no particular program - but now I am ready to step it up a notch and really get in there and make a difference. I have downloaded music onto my new phone to listen to at the gym - I work best when there are no distractions! I will let you know after my workout tomorrow how it goes.

If I am going to get that program written, download some more music and still make it to bed on time I had better get moving! Until next time - keep smiling, eat clean and train hard, and tell the special people in your life tat you love them.

PS - this week I am going to attempt to write an article for a breast feeding magazine - will keep you posted! xxx


Anonymous said...

So what do you think of your macbook pro and time capsule? :o) xxx

Maryanne said...

They are the best thing ever - is this what you have too?

Have iphone as well - love how it all syncs together! Very addictive too! Think I might have to be like you and set a limit on when I need to get off it! lol

Anonymous said...

I have an iMac. Next year I'm adding to the collection though and buying a MacPro. :o) xxx