Monday, December 7, 2009

Leg Training Today

WOW! I have a really sore set of legs! As i said in my post yesterday i wanted to ramp my training up a notch - well it went up about 5 notches. Legs day was a good day to start on - it's my favourite body part to train! I love the feeling I get when I work really hard and have pain when I leave the gym! Sad I know!

Today I did:

Lateral squats on duro discs
Pop Squats and reverse lunges (set)
Jump lunges and walking lunges (set)
Front to back toe jumps and wide squats (set)
Straight leg dead lifts and single leg hamstring stretches (set)

I think tomorrow I am going to a little sore - think an epsom salt bath may be required. Tomorrow I am going to follow this workout with a RPM class! Thats if I can walk.

Yesterday I used a Fire wire cable and transferred all my photos from my old Mac across to my new lap top. I am now in the process of making sure they are in the right folders and labelling any pictures that were not already labelled - I have nearly 5000 pictures to check through!

Today is one of Tucker's non school days - I love having him around. We have so much fun together - I am really going to miss him when he starts full time school next year! I am one of the mums who will love school holidays so we can have extra time together.

Essington has just had a feed and gone to bed - he will more than likely sleep now for about 3 - 4 hours! I am so lucky to have a good baby - I put lots of hard work in, in the early days and now I reap the reward!

Time to go - a friend is coming over shortly - have few things to pick up and put away. xxx

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Didn't know you had a blog!!