Monday, February 28, 2011

The ABC's and an update

I'm sitting here at the hairdressers getting hair extensions today so I thought what better time to sit here and use my time wisely and update my blog.

Last week I had to take a week off training! I was sick - hack hack cough, cold sores on my lip and just felt YUCK! Well after almost a week away from the gym I feel so much better and ready again to hit my training hard. My diet was pretty good - a few little slips but I am not giving myself a hard time!

I went and did cardio this morning and it felt great to get the exercise high happening again!

A few other bloggers have been doing the ABC game so im going to join in.........

Age: 37

Bed: queen - would rather king. MY husband is 6'4 and it is a bit of a squash

Chores you hate: washing the floors (have a big house with lots of tiles and I feel like I never get to the end)

Dogs: two Siberian Husky's Kista (nearly 11yrs old ) and Magga (9 1/2 yrs old) (named after antarctic ships)

Essential start to your day: cardio!!!! Its how I wake up!

Favourite Colour: Pink!

Gold or silver: Gold but I do have Tiffany's silver

Height: 175cm

Instrument you play: Piano (but not for a long time)

Job title: mum, student, PT, wife, sister....... get the picture?

Kids: 2 boys 6 and 1

Live: Wickham in WA

Mums name: Margaret (she passed away last year in May)

Nicknames: MA, my dad used to call me Lucy Lou

Overnight hospital stays: too many to count

Pet Peeve: people who stare, frown or scowl at me when I train! Government regulations in relation to the protection of children, slow drivers on the road, children in cars not wearing seat belts....... i could go on but better stop!

Quote from a movie: run forrest run - thats what springs to mind!

Righty or Lefty: righty

Siblings: two brothers 43 and 40

Time you wake up: 5.15am get out of bed at 5.20

Underwear: always a G

Vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts

what makes you run late: been disorganised (HATE running late so it doesn't happen too often)

x-rays you have had: quite a few - knees, toes, wrists......

Yummy food I make: vanilla cupcakes, baked salmon,

Zoo animal favourites: I actually find it hard to see animals trapped in a zoo, but if I had to say a favourite I would say a Tassie Devil (because they are breading them in captivity so they can eradicate the facial tumors).


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