Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holiday snaps and massage

Tucker and I with a python at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 26th January 2011

Lunch at Riverside Restaurant Ballina


Coke Zero - no calories, no hangover!

Essie and I at Dreamworld

As i promised here are some more holiday photos from our trip in January.

On monday I found out that a new massage therapist had arrived in Karratha (50km drive away from me), with lots of experience. I decided with the amount of training that I am doing that frequent visits might all assist in the process. I went for my first session yesterday and she was AWESOME! She did full body yesterday and around 10 mins into the 1 hr session when I realised how talented she was I made arrangements to have a weekly appointment with her. Now you may find this a little over the top but I am giving this 100% and nothing less and if it all helps I say why not!!!! Each week she will either focus on lower body or upper body and covering which ever area she doesn't focus on for 10 mins of the time so it does not miss out all together.

I felt a bit sluggish in training yesterday and even sent my trainer a text asking for a foot up the bum - she must have been busy because i didnt hear from her - at that point I had two choices - continue to grizzle and tell myself I needed a lift or turn the music up, harden up and just get on with it - I took option two and had a super workout.

I think some other people at the gym where I train struggle with my training style and weight selection! I get so many scowls, frowns and shakes of the head at me while I am training, combine that with guys asking dumb questions - I suspect trying to pick up (sorry buddy i'm taken lol) - and my fuse is starting to run a little short with patience!!!!!

I need to remember to turn the music up on my ipod, tilt the hat down and just show them why i look like I do!!!!!

Have a super day - a friend is about to arrive for a coffee - me long black!!!


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