Thursday, May 26, 2011

ANOTHER super day

I have had another great day.......

Great time with both my children
A great chat to my hubby on the phone - he is away :(
A good diet day (one little slip but thats not going to sink the boat)
A great cardio session this morning and a great back calves and cardio workout tonight
A productive day around the house

Who else had a great day?????

As you can see lots of 'great' things happening here. I even took the time tonight and had a soak in an epsom salt bath. I have weekly massage and bi weekly dry needling appointments. Well this week my massage therapist is away on holiday (why do supportive therapies people need to take holidays.... LOL) and I had to promise to her that I would take at least 1 epsom salt bath this week as a replacement to her work.

Yesterday I had my dry needling appointment. At the same time my therapist gave me an upper body assessment and identified strong and weak points. I made a few hand position changes in my workout tonight following her recommendation and it made a HUGE difference.

Its 8.30 and I am going to enjoy reading my book in bed and have a bit extra zzzzz's

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Charlotte Orr said...

Glad you had a great day Maryanne. Look forward to more of your posts. Cheers, Charlotte