Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tempo in the dark!

This morning I put on my brand new Petzl Tikka XP headlight and headed out in the dark for my tempo run. I had a tempo run to do today as a pre tester for my HBF run in 10 days time. I ran 5.46 mins/km for 12 mins, 5.37 mins/km for 10 min and then 5.22 mins/km for 8 mins. My coach has suggested a first half (6km) at 5.35 pace and then speed up or hold at that pace for the second half of the race. Excited and nervous!

With my new headlight I was able to take a slightly different road for part of my run now that I could see where I was going, however soon turned around because its very remote and very dark and decided it wasn't the safest option. Living in a small town has its downside in terms of always needing to run the same roads to stay safe and get the required distance in. As my distances increase I am going to need to drive approx 50km to a larger town to be able to run far enough instead of going round and round in circles. There is a highway, however its a heavy haulage road and having trucks with 2-3 trailers on behind going past you at 90-100 km/h is a very unpleasant feeling.

Does anyone have any small town running strategies?

Until I hot the road again, have fun and love life xxx

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