Wednesday, February 25, 2009

9 Weeks and 4 Days

I almost feel like a magic fairy came in the night and spread some magic fairy dust so I would not feel so sick and tired anymore. I have woken up feeling great. I do not feel tired I do not feel sick and I have some energy. 
I even managed 15 minutes steady walk on my treadmill this morning. 
I am going back to work tomorrow for a trial to see what happens. I have had a few bleeds and they seem to be happening when I lift something or do something like vacuuming (not that i vacuum when I am at work - but i think you know what I mean) . I have not had a bleed now for over a week, so tomorrow is a try and see day. 
Better go - I have even managed a load of washing and it is ready to be pegged out. 

Have a great day. xxx

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