Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Tasmanian Holiday

Well how time flies when you are having fun. We are home now from our holiday to Tasmania. This is where Mike and I both grew up and lived until 2001, however we had not spent very much time back there since then. We caught up with friends for some beautiful dinners and saw many relatives. some who had not seen Tucker since he was an 8 month old baby - they all got a real shock!!!

I caught up with a dear friend - she attended our wedding and was my boss in one of my child care positions. Since i had seen her last she has had a brain Tumor and her Thyroid removed - cancer. It was very special to see her, however I got a huge shock. Love you B. 

My Mum and Dad both still live there, we stayed with them as well as travelled to the south and east coasts. The picture above is at Swim Cart beach near St Helens on the eats coast. I spent my childhood holidays here at this beach we we had a holiday home, just a 2 minute walk from this exact spot. 

My Mum has not been so well of late, so it was good to be able to see her and provide some support while we were there. When we arrived she had only been out of hospital for 1 week, by the time we left i could see she had gained a bit more strength. Progress is going to be fairly slow but it is all heading in the right direction and that is what is most important. 

We took a day trip one day to an rowing regatta - I actually met some of the children I looked after as 1, 2, 3 year olds - who are now 15, 16, and 17 year olds. I felt quite old!!!!

Tucker loved the three weeks he had with Mike and I - it was a great family time. We all loved it as much as each other. 

Unfortunately all holidays have to come to an end, but i do have to say the three weeks was great and yes it went quickly but we all have many memorable moments. 



Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I for one am glad you're back and blogging again. I love the photo, looks beautiful. :o) xxx

Maryanne said...

Thanks Lia - will try and load some more. x