Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What a great day!

Today was Tuckers first full day at Kindy - he has had a great day and so have I. 

After i dropped Tucker off i called to my friends and collected my ironing, and we sat and had a chat for half an hour - so nice to not have to rush in and rush out.

I then had work for the morning. I am training a group of 7 clients in a program called MNB (My New Body). I work the women as a group through weights and cardio, provide a recipe and a handout and have a chat about their food diaries. Today was session number one. Many have carried over from last year. They all had a good spring in their step today - mind you at the end of the hour session there were many red and sweaty faces. 

I was finished by 11.45am so came home had some lunch and then had a hour sleep before it was time to collect Tucker at 2.30pm. 

he came out of the classroom with a huge smile on his face - a good indication of a good day. He has nearly emptied the cupboard since we have got home. I am going to say bye now so we can have some time together.



Tara said...

hey Maryanne, good to hear that he had such a good day at kindy. lol @ him emptying the cupboards ;o) boys and their appetites hey!!

Your class sounds pretty good. Hope that you are well and ur training rocking along nicely.

Tara xxx

Maryanne said...

Hi Tara. I am feeling great. Training is good and everything is rocking along really well.

Maryanne xxx