Monday, March 30, 2009

14 weeks and 2 Days

I am now 14 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The baby is approximately  9 cm long and weighs around 375 grams. Fingerprints and toe prints have developed, the baby can suck his or her thumb, and the placenta is fully functional. Arm and leg bones are getting harder and hey are moving - soon you may even be able to feel this.

Wow ..... so much is happening in my belly. When you read all of this, it seems quite amazing that our bodies can create such a gift. 

Unfortunately I am not really having the dream pregnancy I had hoped for, but it could be much worse. I have had mild asthma for around 18 years now. Normally I do not need medication, however I am now taking a preventer in the mornings and Ventolin as required. Now I am on regular doses of medication i am not nearly as short of breath, but still am very aware that it is there - especially when I have a long conversation with someone.

The other thing that is happening is low blood pressure. Quite often in pregnancy people suffer from high blood pressure, but instead mine is really low. I can not make any sudden movements, and have to be really careful going from laying down to sitting up. As a result of this I have stopped work. I decided it was in the best interest of the baby and me to take some time out and not rush around. The low blood pressure is making me fatigue very quickly, so I have short bursts of doing something and then I take a rest. Apart from all of that everything is really good. 

We are driving the 800 kilometres to Broome for Easter and staying just a 5 minute walk from the magnificent Cable Beach. We have had many trips to this spectacular place while we have lived here - great restaurants, beautiful beaches, a selection of nice shops, and a fantastic place to relax. 

I think I have rambled enough now. xxx

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Anonymous said...

Just doing my weekly blog rounds and wondered how you were doing? Hope you and baby are well. :o)

Lia xxx