Saturday, April 9, 2011

New X Trainer arrives

Well today I received my new x trainer - to go with my treadmill! Pictures above.

I was determined to assemble the whole thing myself and i did! I actually enjoyed the whole process.

Heading out to do morning cardio is not always possible with Mikes work schedule so we decided upon adding to the existing treadmill by purchasing the x trainer. We are thinking we might even add a third item - a spin bike. I have ridden the "body bike" many times before and love the feel and stability of these bikes.

Both pieces are made by Life Fitness - I have the T7 treadmill and the X7 x trainer. Both models are semi commercial and are a breeze to use - well as much as cardio gear can be a breeze - easy controls, and very user friendly.

You know where you will find me tomorrow morning - on my x-trainer, overlooking the pool with palms and frangipani tree in the background - sounds like a good view in paradise for me! Team it with my Bose sound dock for good tunes and early morning cardio will be GREAT!

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