Friday, August 23, 2013

It's nearly time to run 13.1 miles


Well all my runs are complete and I am in the final stages of race prep now ready to run my first half marathon on sunday!It's resting time, epsom soaks and carb loading time :-) This morning I soaked up the first bit of the atmosphere by attending the race expo! Mr 8 and Mr 3 are doing the 4km walk with Daddy! They are VERY excited.

I have had a couple of good runs this week, so I am focusing on that in the lead up to sunday. I am excited, but also quite nervous. I must make sure I pace myself well from the start and not race out too hard and then find I have to really slow down in the second half. There are some big hills in this race, but the hills I have had to train on at home have been much steeper than the hills in the race so I am feeling quietly confident about the hill aspects. In my training run of 21.1km, I finished in 2.11.06. I have set a realistic goal to finish in under 2.10.00, anything quicker than that is a bonus in my eyes!

I will try and post again before sunday! :-) xxx

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