Monday, August 19, 2013

It's taper week for me


It's taper week here ready for my half marathon on sunday! This morning was a very easy paced 45 minute run. I felt like I was cheating heading home after such a short time on the road. I headed out early at 5.45am, it was great to see the sun start to come up and the beautiful colours in the sky!

Monday is a busy day in our house. We spend all day, 50km from home in 'town' - activities for both of the boys and I get to have some time catching up with a friend for a coffee or having a swim! Now though I am kicked out on the couch, the dog is asleep at my feet, both boys are sound asleep and I will finish this post, check university emails and unit page, have a read and make the most of an early night.


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