Friday, October 24, 2008

The best day......

I am winning............ YEAH!!!!! You may ask what am I winning. Well I am winning the post comp head battles because today I took control instead of the never never in my head taking the lead. I had to run really fast to catch the never never but i saw a break or a lapse in concentration on her part and I got past - I even knocked her out on the way past. I really sent her flying so lets hope she lost her wings which means she will not be flying any time soon - or should I say ever!!!!!!

It all started this morning when I was working on the treadmill at home - my knee was killing me and I was really struggling. I had already done 45 minutes - however was supposed to go for an hour. I LISTENED TO MY BODY and more importantly LISTENED TO MY KNEE and hit the STOP button. I hooked up the dogs on their lead, Tucker got on his bike and we walked / rode to the park. It was so relaxing.

Tucker normally starts at Family Day Care on a Friday at 9 - well we had a go slow morning and I dropped him off at 10!!!! Really nice to not run around when you don't have to. 

Earlier in the week I made arrangements to have lunch with a friend today. We met at 12 - talked for ages, had a champagne together, and caught up on so much lost time. She talked to me about how much of an inspiration I am - I had never thought of that for too long but wow after today i really realise what she meant.

After lunch I went to the gym - no not for a workout but to see Naomi Gillespie. She is visiting from the Gold Coast and she is one amazing lady - she is a Naturopath, Accupuncturist, a specialist massage therapist, ligament therapist, and  remedial massage therapist. I had the lot and I feel fantastic. I feel calm, relaxed, my knee is not so sore, and I do not feel like i have a huge weight resting on my shoulders anymore. 

For the first time since my competition I feel like I have goals to work towards, direction to follow and treatment for a few ongoing issues my body is giving me at the moment. She answered so many underlying questions I had. Hind sight is an amazing thing - imagine what might have happened had she been here 12 months ago. I am not looking back but simply forward because that's what i can alter. 

Stay tuned for my journey to a healthy Maryanne on the inside and the outside. I'm excited. 

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ss2306 said...

Congrats on the win. I look forward to hearing about the path you are following.

I read a church sign yesterday saying "if the path in front of you has no obstacles your on someone else's path"

Have a great weekend.

Luv Shelley