Friday, October 17, 2008

WA INBA State Titles

Well here I am - the much awaited photograph from the weekend - initially I felt a little reluctant to post it but am trying to move forward so here it is.  Right now I am trying to focus on the post comp head space - quite a challenge I must say. I thought the training prior to comp was hard, but that's nothing compared to what goes on in your mind after it is over. Initially I was a little reluctant to post a picture

Will I do it again - YES I WILL!!!! I loved the journey, and even though I was nervous I enjoyed the time on stage. I have many thoughts going through my mind about what I would do differently next time around, and over time I will share some of these with you. Considering 14 weeks out from competition I could not walk after knee surgery, and along the way I suffered from 2 chest and throat infections and gastro - I still kept my eye on the prize and followed through with my goal to get up there and give it my best shot. 

I placed 4th in Figure Intermediate for INBA and equal 4th in Figure Novice IFBB. Congratulations goes out to all the fellow competitors who competed and placed on the weekend. There were some great physiques out there and the standard was very high.

A  big thank you goes to Jen Hendershott and the team at, Cindy Kempton and the staff and members of Life and Soul Health and Fitness Club Karratha, Jo Rogers from Style on Stage,  Angie Rata from Karratha Physiotherapy, Lia Halsall, Lindy Olsen,  and most importantly my beautiful husband Mike and my son Tucker for their patience and support. 

I will try and post some more pics soon. 

Good luck to all those competitors competing in the INBA National Titles on the Gold Coast this weekend. I will be thinking of you and cheering from WA. xxx


LizN said...

Dear Maryanne,
You look stunning.. We're our worst enemies and so overly critical of ourselves. Congratulations on doing what most people can't and getting on stage in the first place.
Liz N

Maryanne said...

Thanks Liz. Overly critical - too true. hugs to you too. M. x

Anonymous said...

I second what Liz said Maryanne. Congratulations sweetheart. ;o) xxx

Maryanne said...

Thank you Lia. xxx

Michelle said...


You look absolutely fantastic. Congrats!