Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another pic........

Decided to post another pic from last weekend. This one was taken during my routine - which I performed to  "Fragile" by Sting. Its hard to believe a week has already passed since my competition. 

I have dedicated lots if time to Tucker over the weekend - he was well and truly over due for some mummy time. We have built train tracks, made cup cakes and anzac biscuits, gone to the pool ( it has really warmed up here now averaging 35-40 each day), and while it might not sound fun we tidied his room - he had so much fun!!!!

Speaking of my little man he is going to be "4" on Tuesday. Every year to date Tucker has had a birthday party however this year we decided to have a special family party with Mummy, Daddy and Tucker. Tucker and I are then going to bake and decorate a cake that he can take to gym creche on Tuesday morning. 

We have 2 Siberian Husky's - they are the best of friends and do not cope at all well when they are separated. One has to go to the vet tomorrow - she has a severe ear infection and she has to go under anaesthetic to have it cleared. So tomorrow I am going to be house bound so we do not have a day filled with a lonely husky howling the neighourhood down. 

A visit to physio is going to be on the cards this week - my knee is giving me trouble again, including pain radiating down my calf. Lets hope nothing too severe. 

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