Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Physiotherapy visit today......

Yes I have been back at physio today - and no i do not have a new injury,  it is my knee that I had surgery on 14 weeks out from comp. 

I went in to the gym to train legs on Monday night and 15 minutes into my workout I came to a very quick standstill with pain in the said knee. Normally I would have kept going, but I listened to my body and stopped straight away. Came home iced it elevated it etc. the pain went with pin killers and the swelling did not get out of control.

This morning knee was swollen again and when Angie started to treat me she hit all the right (wrong / painful) spots. My medial ligaments are very tender, i have joint pain, and my knee cap is tracking VERY poorly. My medial strength is almost zilch!!!

So the verdict is - rehab exercises only for legs, no lunges, no squats, no weight work, and for the next 6 weeks every morning i will be applying tap to my knee and then taking it off at night. 

It could be a lot worse but for someone who LOVES to train legs this is not really what I wanted. I will need to make sure i get the good endorphins from my other workouts instead of my leg workouts. I see her again in a week so will keep you posted. 

Until next time xxx

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