Monday, March 16, 2009

12 Weeks and 2 Days

Today I had my 12 week scan and here are some pics of our bundle of joy. Everything looks really good, 2 arms, 2 legs, and a string heartbeat. Little junior was having a fair kick and wriggle about while he was trying to take all the necessary measurements. 

It might sound really funny, but there have been a couple of moments in the past week where I would almost be certain that I could feel Junior moving. They say for the second one that you feel it at around 16 weeks, but I am wondering if you are in tune with your own body whether it is possible to feel it sooner.

Tucker came with me - he was so excited. Straight away he said "look mummy I can see the baby!" I think it is really starting to sink in now - and I am feeling really excited about the coming months and the arrival of junior in September. Mike and I have been trying to think of names we both like. We have come up with a couple but nothing too set just yet. We still have many weeks to decide so plenty of time. 

Tucker goes to an occasional care centre on Monday mornings. Normally I work while he is there but this morning I did not have any clients. I decided to not go near and went to the pool for a swim instead. I ended up swimming 26 laps of the 50 metre pool. I am going to try and do this twice a week now as it was really enjoyable. 

Better go dinner needs to be prepared. I have been trying out a few new recipes so we are not having the same thing all the time, and this means a little longer in the kitchen. 



Anonymous said...

Modern thechnology is pretty amazing Maryanne. Thanks for sharing those with us. Tucker will make an excellent big brother for junior. :o)

Lia xxx

Maryanne said...

Thanks Lia. I too, think Tucker is going to be a great big brother. xxx

Anonymous said...

OMG - that makes me want to cry???!!