Wednesday, March 18, 2009

12 Weeks and 4 days + New clothes

Well I have not felt too bad the last couple of days. I think the morning sickness is really starting to go now. I still have to make sure I pace myself - and if I don't the consequences are not so good.

Even though Junior is going to be born in Perth, I still have to go to the hospital here for ante-natal appointments in case something happened before hand. Yesterday was my first appointment. All routine things covered so not that exciting, but the most exciting bit was I got to hear Juniors heart beat for the first time. It was at 164 beats a minute - I know when mine is at this sort of pace I am working pretty hard, but it is normal for a baby to have a much faster heart beat. Junior also had the hiccups when she was taking the heart rate - quite funny to think a little one just 6-8 cm long can have hiccups. 

I have to be a little careful - i have really low blood pressure. It is normally on the low side but due to the pregnancy it is even lower. No quick change of direction or getting up out of a chair too quickly.

The pictures above are of some of the maternity clothing I have purchased already. Yes I have had to start in maternity clothes already - I am already showing - I don't remember this happening so early with Tucker. At least now people do not just think I have put weight on for no reason.

Tucker and I have just had library time so I am going to head off now and read him his new library books. 


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