Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Family holiday to Queensland

We have just booked our trip to Queensland for Tucker's July school holidays. Mike was able to get leave so we are all going. 

I have two older brothers - one who lives near Ipswich and the other who lives around 30 minutes south east of Brisbane. My mum and dad will be visiting them at that time so we will have  chance to see everyone. Mike's mum also lives in Brisbane. I have said that we might need to organise central meeting laces because I REFUSE to spend the whole time driving from one side of Brisbane to the other........ especially considering at that point i will be 28 - 29 weeks pregnant. Am sure some may read this and think I am been cruel - but it is a holiday and not just a run around to keep all the mum's and dad's and siblings happy!!!!

Tucker is a huge fish and sea creature fan and LOVES the wiggles - so I am sure we will have a visit to Dream World or Sea World - or maybe even both. 

So far have had the best week of the pregnancy. Am learning and applying self pace really well and it is helping heaps. I am not feeling nearly as sick, energy levels have increased slightly and I do not need to sleep as often during the day.

The weather at the moment is just delightful - makes you forget those 45 degree days from summer - we only have the odd day at 30 now - most days any where between 27-29 degrees and dropping to a beautiful 15-18 degrees overnight. I can actually sleep with covers on now and our air conditioner which runs non stop from late October until the end of April is turned off. 

I will post again later and tell you all about some cooking adventures I have been having with my new scan pan gear, my Tosca Reno cookbook and a passion for producing beautiful meals. 

Hope everyone is great. xxx

PS ....... who says you can not buy beautiful clothes for baby boys - my little man is going to look adorable in some of the things I have purchased for him!

PSS Tucker is still hugging kissing and rubbing my tummy every day and talking to his little brother - it is very sweet and think he is going to be a very special big brother. x

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