Friday, May 22, 2009

My new Kitchen toys and my cook book successes!!!

Dinner in the Bailey household previously revolved around what was healthy quick easy and did not take much time - the kitchen was not a place i really enjoyed spending too much time. .............. Well how things have changed!!!!!

I have always read Tosca Reno's articles in Oxygen and took quite an interest in her approach. I have been observing Tucker's behaviour quite closely and realised that anything with preservative, colouring or too much sugar caused numerous issues - he would not listen, couldn't follow a direction and got quite aggressive - not attributes I really enjoyed experiencing or seeing. Mike and I had a chat and decided we would purchase the cook book below and live according to the eat clean lifestyle. 

What a difference it has made to our whole family now all those nasty additives have been removed. Tucker is so much calmer, and both Mike and I feel so much better!

With my new passion for spending time in the kitchen we decided some new cooking equipment would be great so we got:

 2 scan pan frypans
A Mundial knife block set
A 28 cm Le Chasseur casserole

and our toaster we have had since we were married 12 1/2 years ago had died so we got a 4 slice kitchen aid toaster. 
I will try and not dig into my meals so quickly and take some pictures of my kitchen art!

Have a great weekend everyone! xxx

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~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Looking forward to hearing more on this subject & seeing pictures.
My 4 yr old has foods that cause simular behaviour to tuckers, kids are affected everyday, Ive never heard of her, so will interested to see how it goes...