Sunday, May 31, 2009

Home from hospital...........

Well my week which was going reasonably well took a turn for the worst late on Wednesday. I started to get pain in my lower tummy around 4.00pm - I tried sitting up, laying down walking around - but it would not leave and was getting worse so I drove myself to the hospital and met Mike there. My initial concerns were the baby!!!

After we established that the baby had a strong heart beat it was a matter of trying to eliminate everything else - including pre term labour!!!!!! Scary thought when you are only 22 weeks and 4 days pregnant! They have taken blood, done ultrasounds, urine and bowel samples, and many more tests and investigations! What have they come back with - NOTHING!!!!! I am not sure what is worse finding out something is wrong or having unexplained pain. They are wondering now if I may have adhesions from an appendix operation I had when I was 12!!!!

To cut a long story short I stayed until Friday night - when I came home - lasted only 1 hour and had to rush back with more abdominal pain. Late on Saturday afternoon I came home, and have been home ever since. 

The staff at the hospital have been fantastic - but you can really see that cost cutting measures in public health make it very difficult for the staff. A great friend of ours who is a Doctor at the hospital has been keeping a close eye on me, even though this is quite challenging for him been such a good friend. He is going to keep in touch with me and we will see what the next few days bring.

Not exactly the pregnancy I had expected, but am still trying really hard to keep smiling! 

Hope everyone else is doing great. Will catch up with comments soon. Sitting upright in a chair right now is not the most comfortable of positions. xxx

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~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Thats terrible, I hope it stops or they at least find whats causing it, that would have been frightening!

relax and do nothing for a while, I know that will be hard with tucker, but try & rest as much as you can!