Wednesday, June 3, 2009

23 weeks and 4 days

Time really seems to be flying by with the Pregnancy now ....... I think so much has been happening I have not had time to think about where I was up to!

Am starting to feel a slight improvement with how I am feeling after my hospital visit. I had to give blood again today to see if they see anything noticeable. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a surgeon here in town - he is going to see me and discuss the symptoms I have been having and see if he can come up with a diagnosis. I and I hope he is too very reluctant to have surgery at this point - maybe it will just mean a very laid back time for the next 14 weeks before I have the baby. Today has been the first day since last Wednesday where I have not had to take Panadeine Forte to beat the pain. Energy levels are very low - but this is due to the fact of no appetite. Yesterday for the whole day I ate 2 slices of toast and a cup of tomato soup! And all these nutrients (what nutrients there are in soup and bread) went to the baby. 

Tucker said to me on the weekend "this business of having a baby is not much fun mum!!!!!" - talk about old head on young shoulders! He is coping very well considering mummy's state. 

I have had to do something I find very hard to do - and that is ask for help! I would much rather help someone else than have to ask someone to help me! When you live in remote places like I do friends become like family! One dear friend had Tucker after school last Thursday until Mike could pick him up, another great friend picked Tucker up after school yesterday for me and dropped him home after dinner last night, and another good friend is having Tucker tomorrow afternoon when I need to visit the surgeon.  

On the baby side - he seems to be a very busy bouncing baby - feeling lots and lots of movement now, sometimes he even has the hiccups - now that is a strange feeling. 

Better go - it seems when I sit upright for too long the pain returns. xxx

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~ Valley Girl ~ said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a 'little' bit better, & have wonderful caring friends.
The best news is the baby's moving lots so thats a good sign it might not be effecting him!
Goodluck with your appointment, and hope all is GOOD news...