Thursday, December 30, 2010

In a cooler state!

.Location wise I mean - I am in Tasmania. I flew most of the day yesterday with my two little boys. I am so lucky that they are such good travellers! The biggest challenge now is the time difference of 3 hrs which is making things really tricky - they are both so tired from struggling to fall asleep at normal time - 1, because it feels much earlier and 2, because it is so light - used to it been dark at bed time in WA!

Today I joined an awesome gym called Pycsam here in Launceston for the two weeks that I am here. it has a great range of hammer strength and life fitness equipment. I am going to do cardio in the mornings, and my usual weight program in the afternoon.

My brothers and I have made good progress today in packing up my mum and dads house - so much to do though. It is also a really strange feeling.

Better go - I am multitasking. I am studying through OUA and am in a chat session at the same time as writing this - need to concentrate now!


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