Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oops forgot to Blog!!!

Hi All,

Merry Christmas and I am also going to say happy new year because I am not sure if I will get back on here in the next couple of days.
I seem to work well with dot points so here goes.......

1. Enjoyed the Christmas parties at school and day care with my two beautiful boys!

2. Loved it when school finished because it meant extra time with Tucker (my 6yr old)

3. had lots of fun wrapping all the gifts for the boys and loading their stockings!

4. Felt so proud of the way Tucker waited until 7 am for his brother to wake on Christmas morning so they could do gifts and santa sacks together!

5. Had a lovely Christmas Day - all day at home. A bit of a bitter sweet day - last Christmas was the first without my dad and this one first without mum and dad!

6. Have had every day at home (apart from training) since the 24th December - this does not happen very often for me!

7. have loved the day with my husband and boys today - our 14th Wedding anniversary!

8. Bags are packed ready for Tasmania tomorrow - its time to pack up mum and dads house :-(

9. Training and food intake (dislike the word diet) is going GREAT!

10. Better go - its time to go and train shoulders!!! Trying to build boulders!!!


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