Monday, December 6, 2010

What a great weekend!

We had a GREAT weekend!

We enjoyed a quiet Friday night at home - always a nice way to end a busy week! Mike had had something on every night of the week last week so a night at home with him and our 2 boys was just what we needed!

On Saturday we had FOXTEL people here installing cables etc - nice to have a few more options on the TV (not that I watch too much TV).

Saturday night was the Rio Tinto children's Christmas party here in Wickham! There was tea cup rides, merry mix rides, jumping castles, super slides, ice creams, drinks, sausages etc!!!! The highlight for the children was Santa arriving by helicopter!!!!! Always very exciting to then have a sit on his knee and get a lolly! Tucker loved that aspect - Essie was not so keen on the big man in the red suit!

AS the night progressed a band played and entertained the children - Tucker had had a BIG stick of Fairy Floss so he had plenty of dancing energy!!!! He had the best time at the party this year - he was that bit older and loved been able to go and do his own thing (it was in an enclosed area) and then come back and see us before heading off again. We sat with good friends and enjoyed each others company while the boys played.

Essie loved the music and had the head rocking and the body moving to the beat! He has music in his bones I think - always jiving or dancing to music when he hears it.

After a fairly quiet sunday at home(quiet with two boys......) with a roast for lunch, Mike and I left the boys with our SUPER babysitter / nanny and we drove to our friends in Dampier and had a BBQ dinner before then heading to Karratha to see Arj Barker - quite a talented comedian from the states. Another great night!

Included amongst all of that were a few training sessions, cooking, swimming in the pool, washing, ironing etc!

A great weekend and so far a cool Monday at home - Essie has been asleep since 10am and it is now nearly 1pm!!!!! I have got quite a bit of my study done - YAY!

Tonight we have Tucker's school christmas concert - Tucker is performing a christmas song with his class. This is not something Tucker really enjoys but lets see how he goes!!!

Until my next update remember to enjoy your life - you never know when the next "BIG" hurdle may come your way. xxx

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Hello Mrs Gorgeous, I'm enjoying these more regular should blog more often. xxoo