Friday, December 3, 2010

My week in review

Hi all,

well i thought I would make it back here a little sooner than this - but I have added some more things to my weekly schedule so here i am now instead! Better late then never - any way who is it that is assessing me on how often I blog - exactly - JUST ME!!!

This week saw me commence a Bachelor of Arts degree. I am studying through Open Universities because I thought it the best option for possible moves in the future. I have just started with one unit so far and might add to this in the next study period. So far so good! I am enjoying the work, nothing seems too daunting right now, and I am meeting a whole new group of people. Essie still has BIG day sleeps so I either study during the day or I study at night.

Training is SUPERB!!!! I consistently do cardio 6 mornings a week - a mix between the cross trainer and the recumbent bike. I then weight train 5 afternoons a week and one cardio session on a wednesday! The results are super - fat loss, muscle gain and a hot bod to match if I do say so myself. The clothes I wore at the time of my last comp are now too big on me!!!!! What an awesome position I am in if I decided to hit the stage again sometime!!!! Eating is super - love watching the body change as the day progresses as the muscles fill with good nutrients (I used to always feel so bloated at the end of each day - obviously a sign of too many inappropriate foods).

Tucker graduated from Pre Primary today - he is going to be a big grade 1 boy next year! Cant believe my baby boy is going into grade 1!!! :-(

At times we watch nature shows on TV and think that is so far away - did anyone see the show on the logahead turtles on ABC? well on wednesday night we drove 10 mins from our house, walked 10 minutes with a guide and we were right in the middle of a Turtle rookery! We were fortunate enough to spend time watching turtles body pitting and then heading back to the water, then we had a jackpot - one of the turtles dug her nest and then filled it with turtle eggs. We watched from a distance so as to not disturb her - it was amazing to see theses beautiful creatures in the wild!!!! I will post some photos of this soon!

Tomorrow afternoon we have the Rio Tinto children's Christmas Party here in Wickham - Santa usually arrives in a helicopter! Tucker and Essie got presents from the company today - my beautiful 6 u=year old put it under the tree because he said its not christmas yet!!!!!!

Maybe if I get in the habit of posting more frequently I wont have to type so much at once!

Maryanne xxx

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