Thursday, December 9, 2010

Is it thursday already.....

Reality really hit when I saw at school this morning that there are only 16 days until Christmas! WOW! Its a good thing I started my Christmas shopping on Tuesday and I think I nearly finished it yesterday online!

I've decided I'm going to have a big cook up once a week now - spending WAY too much time preparing each meal when I need it! Am sure I could be doing something more worthwhile with my time each day! As i don't work I have the luxury to cook as I go however this takes a whole lot more time than if I did it in bulk!

Yesterday I was approached to see if I would be interested to become an AUST SWIM instructor! I love the water, children and exercise so i said I would love to! More details to follow!

I received an email a few days ago asking for donations for the remote communities in my area. I've had a good look around and found quite a few things that I no longer need that can go to someone much more needy than our family! Its a great feeling when you can help someone who is struggling at this time of year!

This morning I had a strange "moment". I have always carried my phone very close to me, because when mum and dad were alive I never knew when the phone might ring as neither kept that greater health! I've now realised that I no longer need to be so paranoid (which I think it had become) about having my phone close by. I walked Tucker to school today and left the phone at home! I felt naked!

Essie is sitting up next to me eating his breakfast - but he is finished and wants to get out of his high chair and get moving!

Have a happy day everyone. xxx

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Rick said...

16 MORE DAYS!! That one snuck up on me. All of our family will be here for Christmas. It's exciting, especially with my first son-in-law, and a new son-in-law, and a new son-in-law to be this time around. The house will be full. Merry Christmas.