Sunday, December 9, 2012

2 Birthday Parties, Packing and Rain!

Hi what a busy day! A great day all the same! This morning e drove 10 minutes and took the two little ones to a friends birthday party at a local pool. They are both fish and love the water and at 8 and 3 are both very competent swimmers for their age! Mr 3 can swim and dive down on his own with no floaties or swim vest and Mr 8 is just amazing in the pool! They had a great swim for over an hour! We then drove another 35 minutes to a second party at an indoor play centre! Yes by the time we finished there 90 minutes later we had two tired boys! This afternoon I have been getting ready to start to drive 1700km to fix my car! Luxury brand vehicles and remote places don't mix! I'm looking forward to the drive with Mr 8 and Mr 3 - tomorrow around 680km to cover! In between packing another swim with my boys at home - yes they LOVE the water! Its cyclone season here and we are a bit chuffed tonight because tonight we have had our first downpour for the season. No not a cyclone but some nice wind and some rain as well! VERY exciting, BUT .......Mr 3 is very observant and was UNIMPRESSED by the noise from the thunder! Will we have an extra little man in bed tonight? No miles on the legs today xx

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