Monday, December 10, 2012

Mondays Run

53 minutes (10 warm up and 10 min cool down included) 8.04km Ran on average at 6mins/km today Knee...... FANTASTIC My knee is great while I run. Its even better when I do a great recovery session - stretching, icing, stretching, icing ...... off and on for around 6 hours post cool down! I am in Carnarvon (660km from home) on my way to Perth. Approx 600km again tomorrow!Mr 3 and Mr 8 were little super stars in the car today. No we don't have a DVD player to cope with the distance - they enjoy the simple things in life..... reading, singing, talking to me and playing with small cars etc. I took some recovery time in the pool once we arrived here this afternoon! The water was much cooler than at home but that was a pleasant change! Post again soon! xxx


Liz N said...

Awesome to see you blogging again

Maryanne said...

Thanks Liz!
It must be the 'right' timing because its fun!
Hope you're well x