Saturday, December 8, 2012

Maryanne returns!

Hi all, Yes I'm back and I'm going to attempt to regularly blog again! I have a new love and some goals associated with this so I have some interesting stuff to blog about! I'm back to running on a regular basis (3 runs a week)! I love to run and the freedom that it provides. Nothing is quite like the feeling of going out the gate and hitting the pavement and returning, hot and sweaty with awesome numbers on the Garmin. For my first blog back I'm going to showcase some of the 'equipment' I use when I put some miles on my legs!
I run in these shoes. These were fitted at The Running Centre and are a Kinvara3 - you can read a bit more about these here. I highly recommend the staff at the running centre to help you out with all your running requirements!
They can be viewed here.I run in these sports bras - they are fantastic and stop any bounce through the girls!
I run with this watch It gives me all the details I need. It's great to get home and upload all the information and then see how I went!
I run in these capris - they are from moving comfort. They can be purchased here.
I either run in these calf sleeves or I put them on when I get home. They are available here.
I use these ear phones with my iPod! I find they don't move at all and are comfortable in my ears. They are available here.
And last but not least I run in these glasses. They are Rudy Project and are amazing. They came with three sets of interchangeable lenses that just pop in and out for varying light conditions and like the ear phones they don't move at all. Thats a good overview of my run kit! This morning I did a 7km run with an average pace of 6.10 mins per km! At 6am in 30 degrees (yes you read right) it was a little warm! Its good to be back! xx

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